How to Unlock Your Android Phone Screen Without the Power Button?

If your power button is not working or is broken on your android phone, then you can easily use these steps to open or unlock your phone without pressing the power button. People usually start thinking about getting a new device when theirs acts up, but they really don’t know that they can keep using […]

How to Test your Home Network Speed on iPad!

Network Speed on iPad

So the topic of today’s discussion is how you can simply check your home internet’s speed on an iPad or any other device for that matter. Ipad is more in the market these days, especially mini iPad, because they are more affordable. You can easily get good deals on cheap ipads. You can also get […]

How to add an external keyboard to your laptop

There are times when you feel the need to attach an external keyboard to your tablet, so it is essential to have the necessary insight. Similarly, if you have a laptop, even in this situation, you may need to add an external keyboard to the tablet so we will explain the process here. Attaching a […]