Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

About Wholesale Tablets

Wholesale Tablets sells carrier-return, used and refurbished tablets in bulk at a fraction of the price of its competitors. Our tablets are in great condition and have been fully inspected to ensure proper functionality. We take pride in delivering affordable, high-quality tablets to businesses and institutions that can truly benefit from a tech upgrade.

Who We Cater To

Schools / Colleges

Create a healthy and modern learning environment where students can develop their skills and become contributing members of society. Our tablets give students access to thousands of educational apps that can help them ...

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Make life easier for doctors and patients alike. Our tablets give doctors an easy way to schedule appointments, set reminders and store patient notes. In addition, our tablets provide access to hundreds of medical apps ...

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Upgrade the office without blowing the entire annual budget. We offer hefty discounts on large orders and accommodate businesses of any size. Our tablets give businesses access to thousands of valuable apps ...

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** Sim cards and service are not included with Cellular/Wi-Fi iPads. Cellular/Wi-Fi iPads require sim cards for 3G/ 4G cellular data.
Sim cards are not required to pick up Wi-Fi where it is available.