Go for the iPad Air First Generation Model

The original iPad Air is a perfect example to show Apple Inc’s changing approach towards tablets. iPad Air is 43 percent thinner and 28 percent lighter when compared to other iPad models, and these features make the gadget much easy to handle. Many of the designing ideas of iPad Air were adopted from IPad mini […]

IPad Mini 1 Vs IPad Mini 2 – Which One Should You Buy?

Now that Apple has launched the next generation of the iPad Mini, namely iPad Mini 2, users might get confused about the features and changes in the latest model. Though the latest iPad Mini offers an awesome Retina screen and a much faster processor, you need to spend a little more to get this tablet […]

Some of the Key Differences Between iPad 3 and iPad 4

IPads are very popular models of tablets and there are many versions of the same available in the market. It is sure that you will be confused while looking for the best iPad model for you; so here, we will help you check out a few features of iPad 3 and iPad 4, and decide […]

Full Phone Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

If you were planning to buy wholesale tablets, then one of the best choices available to you would be Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, provided that you were not looking to buy iPads in bulk. The multi-user mode, excellent display, and lightweight feature in Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 makes it one of the best tablets ever […]

Why Go For Retail Tablets When You Can Get Them Wholesale?

In this fast moving era, no business can succeed without help from the latest technologies. With the introduction of operating systems like iOS and Android, tablets have become much popular among users and these handy devices have replaced laptops and personal computers in many offices. For businesses, it is better to get quotes for wholesale […]