A Few Questions to Answer before Buying a Tablet

Tablets have become widely popular over the last few years and they are undoubtedly one of the best electronic gadgets available in the market today. Tablet devices allow us to do a lot of entertaining and exciting things, such as playing high definition games, watching movies, surfing the web, accessing social media, and a lot […]

Surface Pro 5 Spec Leaks Suggest Inclusion of eSIM

Rumors about the Surface Pro 5 tablet are surprisingly light, but some reliable sources say that the successor of Surface Pro 4 will be supporting eSIM for the assumed released by March 2017. The story says that Microsoft has partnered with Transatel, which is a global mobile provider and that they will be selling eSIM […]

How Tablet Apps can Make your Travel Easy

Electronic gadgets like tablets and smartphones have become a necessary part of the everyday life of people. These devices are much powerful and are capable of simplifying all the aspects of life. Another thing that these gadgets do is help users explore things that they normally would not do alone. Traveling is one such thing […]

Few Benefits of Using a Protective Case on your Tablet

Millions of people use iPads because of the value and quality service offered by these devices. Tablets are a bit heavier than most smartphones and they are hard to fit in the palms of our hand. This means that the chances for the device to fall and to be damaged are comparatively a lot higher. […]