How to Print Wirelessly From an iPad

Portability and ease of use have always been a focus for mobile devices, especially tablets. Apple understands this well, and they have made printing on the go a breeze with iPad tablets. The proprietary wireless printing technology of Apple, called AirPrint, can help you print from your iPad or iPhone without the need to involve […]

Troubleshooting Commonly Occurring Issues in Nexus 7 Tablet

Nexus 7 is Google’s incredible tablet offering features such as an excellent display, fast processing speed, and powerful RAM. Google also released an updated version in 2013 with many improvements to the original model. This updated version along with the original model is available on many wholesale tablets sites. However, the Nexus 7 tablet suffered […]

Apple Launches a New Model of iPad Pro

The iPad Pro tablet from Apple, launched approximately two years ago, was originally designed as a replacement for PC. The iPad Pro from Apple had an excellent 12.9-inch screen but the downfall was that the size of the tablet made it a little uncomfortable for use. However, Apple was determined to overcome the issue and […]