Samsung Would Corner the Rivals After Launching Galaxy Fold

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Do you want to buy a tablet, but don’t know which one? If yes, then the cheap Android tablet is the right option for you. Samsung is a highly prestigious name in the world of Android gadgets. They introduce new, stylish and exciting gadgets every year with excellent technology. Many brands entered the market in […]

How to Replace the Battery of a Surface Book?

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A surface book is a newly designed gadget that is manufactured by Microsoft. The surface book works as a 2 in 1 gadget, which makes its demand higher than other gadgets. The surface book is different than a laptop. The surface book has more pixels and high resolution that ensures high quality. The surface book […]

How to choose a lightweight tablet for traveling

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Although Apple started the new revolution of mobile computing with its wildly popular iPad, many smartphone and netbook manufacturers are now jumping on the bandwagon. Dell, Samsung, Avaya, Lenovo, and Cisco have all recently announced plans to bring their own touch screen tablets and cheap tablets sale to the market in the next several months. […]

Tips to find the best deals for buying a tablet

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Nowadays, the market is flooded with cheap tablets. For this reason, you may find it challenging to choose the best slates. You can compare the specifications, features, and other characteristics in a device. Here are some tips for finding the best deals for buying a tablet. Figure Out Your Needs Why do you need a tablet? Do […]

4 Tablets that make your drawing easier

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With amazing tools exclusively for art, the android tablet marketplace is becoming harder for designers to find which tablet is right for them. The best android tablets for designers come in many shapes and sizes, with numerous functions and abilities, making a choice is difficult for people who aren’t certain of the one they need. […]

What is Best Tablet for a Beginner – Android or iOS?

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Older people searching for a good tablet have sufficient choices in terms of both adaptability and cost. With regards to operating systems, the essential option is Android-supported best buy tablets and tablet pcs supported with Apple’s mobile computer, iOS. Tablet pcs in each and every category have different pros and cons according to personal requirements […]

Windows Tablets— Pros and Cons to Using for Beginners

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There was a time when there were only two options in choosing your tablets, Android, and iOS. Now you can buy an Android tablet, an iPad, and well as window tablet and many more. Windows operating system was not the popular in the beginning of the tablet wars, but as time has moved on, they […]

Why Install Windows Security Essential in Windows 7?

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Windows security essentials are necessary to protect your computer against unauthorized access and malware. You can’t ignore these essentials in bulk refurbished computers. Microsoft offers a sophisticated system for your data. With this software, you can protect your computer from different threats, such as worms, Trojans, and viruses. Fortunately, this program can automatically download security updates to […]

Learn how to multitask on your tablet

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Nowadays, it is possible to do multitasking on 7” Android 6 Tablet. There is no need to buy two tablets to get more done at once. With the latest devices and apps, it is now possible to multitask easily. Download and install multitasking apps on your tablet. Here are some prominent features to use already on […]

What are the Best Tablets for Photographers?

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Photographers need special tablets to manage photo editing and relevant tasks. For this reason, beginners often wonder what the cheapest tablet is for photographers. Compare different tablets for photo editing and other activities.  Good tablets for photographers must have a large screen and powerful processor. It must have Lightroom or Photoshop for photo editing. Professional graphic designers […]