How to Force-Restart an iPhone and Enter Recovery?

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Well, our readers have been complaining to us lately that we always talk about the bugs and the reboot issues of android and windows devices and not of iPhones and other IOS devices. We were also getting a lot of queries for cheap tablets under 40 dollar price range. So today we will first tell […]

6 Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars

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If you need to learn how to get a cheap tablet, you can compare different models available in the market. Before purchasing a new tablet, you have to consider your budget, features of tablets and internal components. Here are six android tablets under 200 dollars. 1. Samsung Galaxy A7 8.0 Tab Samsung is famous for high-end tablets […]

How to get Documents Prints Directly from your Smartphone

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If you own a tablet wholesale lot, then there are many tasks that you can easily manage using your Smartphone. For example, you can print documents by making use of your Smartphone. There is no denying the fact that the world is moving towards a paperless technology but there are times when printed documents are […]

How to choose a lightweight tablet for traveling

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Although Apple started the new revolution of mobile computing with its wildly popular iPad, many smartphone and netbook manufacturers are now jumping on the bandwagon. Dell, Samsung, Avaya, Lenovo, and Cisco have all recently announced plans to bring their own touch screen tablets and cheap tablets sale to the market in the next several months. […]

Tips to find the best deals for buying a tablet

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Nowadays, the market is flooded with cheap tablets. For this reason, you may find it challenging to choose the best slates. You can compare the specifications, features, and other characteristics in a device. Here are some tips for finding the best deals for buying a tablet. Figure Out Your Needs Why do you need a tablet? Do […]