Choosing Tablets for Enterprise Users

Tablet sales have witnessed a resurgence in the market recently, with many users increasingly favoring them over other conventional devices like laptops. They offer many of the flexibilities unlike their counterparts, smartphones and laptops, by providing an improved display, easier handling, availability of a huge range of applications, etc. What’s more, tablet manufacturers from all […]

A Few Things to Know About the Screen of your Tablet

The display is the primary interface of every tablet and it certainly is one of the most crucial features of your device. So, if you are planning to buy a new tablet, then you will need to initially have a good knowledge about the screens of different tablets before settling for one. Below are a […]

Which is Better – Tablet or eBook Reader?

When eBook readers were first introduced, they were revolutionary. However, over the last few years, tablets have become much more popular and cheaper. In addition, tablets can do many things that eBook readers cannot do and with many apps available for reading, tablets can be used as great eBook readers. Even the most basic tablets […]