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Choosing Tablets for Enterprise Users

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Tablet sales have witnessed a resurgence in the market recently, with many users increasingly favoring them over other conventional devices like laptops. They offer many of the flexibilities unlike their counterparts, smartphones and laptops, by providing an improved display, easier handling, availability of a huge range of applications, etc.

What’s more, tablet manufacturers from all around the world are coming up with new and more advanced models that clearly improve on their older versions in terms of performance and style. Due to this, they are employed for a wide variety of purposes apart from entertainment and connectivity.

Enterprise use is one such field where tablets have found a prominent role. It has become a valuable tool for enhancing the productivity of a business enterprise by assisting in the management of its workforce and aiding in its various other aspects. Yet for enterprise needs, choosing a tablet can become a bit confusing due to the availability of so many devices from different manufacturers.

So to help you out, here are some critical points to consider when selecting a tablet for your business needs.

Exceptional computing power

As an enterprise demands heavy usage of tablets, it is highly necessary that the devices have good processing power. This is very important, as it will enable faster performance of all the intended tasks as well as in effortlessly handling advanced software and applications used in business networking.

Furthermore, it will assist in faster data sharing and transfer as well as in the creation and editing of content. A tablet with powerful computing ability and performance can be a great alternative to the desktop computers, because they offer the same experience in a more compact form.

Business-grade security

Security is another key feature that needs to be closely examined when selecting tablet devices for any enterprise. The managers in the enterprise should strictly consider that the selected tablet provides business-grade security. This includes many features like VPN connectivity, media encryption, device authentication, as well as total network security in both wired and wireless networks.

Video communications support

Video communications remain a key priority in many enterprises and this factor needs close consideration when selecting tablets. Most enterprises require tablet devices that can support interoperability with many existing multi-vendor video solutions and standards like the H.264 and many other formats.

Addition of collaboration architecture

The tablets selected for providing enterprise solutions should be able to handle a variety of collaboration capabilities. This includes business-grade voice communications, instant messaging, video conferencing, and emailing from a single device.

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