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What Makes Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 the Best Laptop Alternative

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The introduction of advanced tablets by leading brands has resulted in many users seeking these devices as a viable alternative to conventional laptops. Tablets have numerous advantages like increased connectivity options and portability that make them ideal for any kind of business or personal use.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 is one such device touted as a replacement for a regular laptop. It is even true for the compactness, exceptional performance, and good connectivity feature embedded in this tablet. Described below are some of the most striking features of Galaxy Tab S2 that make buying the device a worthwhile alternative to a laptop.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 presents a wider range of connectivity options than most other tablets. There is an option to connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse along with connecting wired keyboards using a mini or full USB connector.

The keyboard case offered with the tablet comes with a track pad that offers decent sensitivity. Along with that, the keyboard contains numerous built-in features like back, home button, app switcher, etc.

The Samsung Multimedia Dock allows using the tablet by linking it with a monitor via an HDMI port. Furthermore, the three USB ports in Galaxy Tab S2 allow for connecting a number of peripherals simultaneously.


The Octa-Core processor clocked at 1.9 GHz coupled with 3 GB of RAM in Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 offers superior performance to users. This enables users to seamlessly stream High Definition video and multitask on the device effortlessly.

The good processing power offers the Galaxy Tab S2 quicker opening and switching between apps without any lag. The on-screen keyboard provides excellent touch response, which enables ease of typing making it highly suitable for a range of productivity applications.


The Android OS preloaded in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 offers optimum security for the device. Using the Android for Work feature enables the user to separate the business apps from the personal apps. This provides accessibility to the work files while preventing access to the personal files stored on the tablet.

The availability of Samsung Knox for the Galaxy Tab S2 device provides enhanced mobile security solutions. This offers security features needed for businesses to deploy the tablets in the workplace.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet is an ultra-portable device with dimensions measuring 9.34 x 6.65 x 0.22 inches and weighs only 10 ounces. The tablet is highly compact making it easier to carry around and work while traveling. The 10-inch screen is well suited for working on the go and offers convenience while carrying in bags as it occupies little space.

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