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How to Make the Most of your Samsung Galaxy View

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Quite a few tablets are available in the market as of now, giving the kind of view the size of a homegrown television. Ever thought of adding the Samsung Galaxy View to your holiday season wish list? This Android tablet is definitely a top-notch device suiting the coined phrase – the everyday tablet!

Whopping Display: Portable Tablet

The screen size of the Samsung Galaxy View is handy, especially if you are at home quarreling over the remote to watch a live football match. In fact, the 18-inch screen of the tablet would outdo any standard laptop in terms of display size.

The Two-Fold Kickstand Giving Firm Grip

With the foldable kickstand, one could set up the Galaxy View tablet anywhere they want, somewhere viewable hopefully. It is not uncommon to enter the bathroom desperately wanting to watch videos, and that desire can be met with the Galaxy View device, no matter whether you were standing under the shower or relaxing in the bathtub.

Winning the Bragging Rights to Epic Battery

An 8-hour battery backup distinguishes the Galaxy View from most competitive tablets. Having said that, which movie can you watch uninterrupted for long hours on a 5700 mAh battery with such a big screen? We guess you won’t be watching the holocaust epic “Shoah” on Galaxy View which actually runs 10 hours on the trot.

The Size Matters the Most

Users would be in for a long debate over screen size, which is actually the first of its kind on a tablet device. Now that saving videos to offline mode is becoming more available; one may as well spend leisurely time on video streaming and TV channels.

Revving Bloggers Dream

What do generic bloggers love doing on a tablet? Beating the wits out of their clients, of course. Jokes apart, Samsung Galaxy View has a spec sheet that is drool worthy especially for those who read a lot. Add to that the benefit of having an built-in E-Reader.

You would not have to query any Android tablet rentals executive to know in-depth specifications on the Samsung Galaxy View. Techies could simply run down everything one by one: 2 Gigs of RAM, 32 Gigs of ROM, Octa-Core processor, Android OS. Well, what do you say? The view is impressive as well, considering a certain 120 pixels per inch.

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