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A Quick Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

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Samsung recently announced that they are launching a new tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3 to cater the needs of high demanding tech-savvy users. The iPad has been dominating the tablet market for quite a few years now, but this recent product from Samsung may put the manufacturer way ahead of Apple in tablet sales.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 does not look a lot different from their last premium tablet, which was the Galaxy Tab S2. However, the latest tablet from Samsung is incredibly light, thin, and a lot more glamorous than its predecessor. Moreover, the major difference is that Samsung has included their enhanced S-Pen with Galaxy Tab S3 for free in the box. Below is a quick review of the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 device.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a large tablet but is still easy to grip and light, which is one of the major highlights of this tablet since most larger tablets are a bit tougher to hold for extended sessions. The shiny glass back and the upgrade in both speakers and ports make the 9.7-inch tablet look and sound elegant.


The screen resolution of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is 2048 x 1536 pixels and it is almost similar to its predecessor model. However, the screen of the device will not support HDR content now. The contrast, color coverage, and the AMOLED display are all excellent, and the device is well suited for using outdoors and for watching HD videos.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 uses a Quad-Core 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and it runs on 4 GB RAM. The processor offers a faster operation and allows users to multitask with ease. If you love to play High Definition games on your tablet, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 would be the perfect choice for you.

S-Pen and Keyboard

The bundled S-Pen stylus and the optional keyboard are undoubtedly the major attractions of Samsung’s new offering. The keyboard is attached to the tablet through a magnetic pogo-pin connection. The new “Screen Off Memo” feature of the stylus lets you take down quick notes on the screen without unlocking the device.

Battery Life

The 6000mAh battery of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is actually a lot better than the previous Galaxy Tab models. The battery life of the device is estimated to be 11 hrs 43 minutes on continuous video playback, which is great for prolonged use of the tablet.

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