3 New Messaging Features in iOS for iPad Users

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Top 5 Sketching and Drawing Apps for Android Tablets

Tablets with their large display are ideal for creating artworks and designing. Most of the modern tablet models come with a stylus that makes it easy to create drawings or sketches. In fact, the availability of various sketch and photo editing apps can help turn an iPad into a creative platform for producing works of […]

3 Effective Ways to Enhance the Battery Life of your iPad

One of the specialties of owning an iPad is that they offer excellent battery backup. It is useful if you are using your iPad during travels or any other purpose where a power source may not be readily available. Of course, repeated use can cause the battery life of your iPad to decrease rapidly. This […]

Apple Might Release a New Update to Fix Weird Typing Errors on iPad Devices

The most recent iOS 11.1 Apple update has already become immensely popular among Apple device users, thanks to the numerous exciting features it introduced. However, several iPad and iPhone users recently complained that they have been experiencing a weird error after updating their device to the latest iOS 11.1 mobile operating system update. They stated […]

Turning off the Auto Update of Apps in Google Play

Most of the Android tablet users might have complained about the auto updating of apps in their device, as it can eat away their monthly data allowance. By default, the apps that you have installed from the Google Play will download and install the updates automatically. These apps are set to update automatically in order […]