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5 Best Ways to Make Your 7 inch Android Tablet Better

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7 inch android tablets

7-inch android tablets are better for office work, as they have enough space for Windows apps. However, your personal preference matters a lot. If cost-effectiveness is your primary concern,  you should browse websites to pick 7-inch android tablets for sale.

It can be incredibly frustrating if you spend a hundred dollars on the Android tablet, and the device does not give a smooth and speedy performance. You can improve the performance of android tablets if you know how to work with different features. The manufacturers have improved the quality of tablets over the years. It is possible to convert an Android tablet into a laptop with few apps and accessories.

1. Addition of Mouse and Keyboard

Most 7-inch android tablets for sale do not have the addition of a keyboard and mouse. Users have to tap the screen to run the device. It is difficult for many users to work as fast with the touchscreen because they have been used to working with a keyboard and mouse. Do not panic. Most Android tablets are built able to support a computer mouse and Bluetooth keyboards. Some of the iPad’s compatible keyboards, such as Hive-Five, are also compatible with Android tablets. However, there are multiple options to choose from when it comes to a keyboard and mouse.

7 inch tablet with keyboard

Plug the USB OTG adapter, if USB peripherals are your preference. Remember, selected 7 inch android tablets for sale support the USB with this method. Check the tablet model before buying a USB. The addition of mouse and keyboard does not require further configuration.

2. Floating Apps to Perform Multitasks

Android tablets allow users to download floating apps to perform multiple tasks. The Android tablet performs like PC or laptops with these apps.

Overskreen Floating Browser

Chrome has become the standard browser. Users can create a floating browser window with Overskreen. It will help you to get things done when you browse it.

Tiny Apps

Android tablet rentalsIt is a fantastic app, which performs, multiple tasks such as music player control, notepad, calculator, and scribbling down miscellaneous doodles. TinyApps provides many different apps all in one place.


The following floating apps help to make the Android tablet compatible and comprehensive.

  •    Floating YouTube Popup Video
  •    AirTerm (Terminal)


3. Remove Cached Up Data

Cached data is quite helpful for apps to run, but it takes a lot of space. The Android tablet may show flaky behavior due to cached data. You need to clear unwanted data to create more space. It will increase the tablet’s speed. 7-inch android tablets for sale available on the market often contain unwanted malware. Clearing cached data is integral maintenance of tablets.

4. Disable and Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Apps always take up a lot of space, which in turn decreases the speed of tablets. Take into consideration the unnecessary apps and choose either to disable or to uninstall them so 7-inch android tablets for sale may run faster. If you do not know the functions of the specific apps, search it on Google to better understand its features.

5. Reduce or Turn Off Animations

Some of the animations are just accessories that do not let your tablet feel snappier. Enable the Developer Option to turn off or reduce these animations. Watch a tutorial on YouTube to learn the method of reducing or turning off animations.

Follow the suggested ways to improve the performance of the Android tablet. You will enjoy the best of an Android tablet when it runs smooth and fast.

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