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A few Reasons to Buy Android Tablets

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Android tablets have come a long way since their release, and now, we can recommend these tablets to anybody. Yet many of us think why to go for Android tablets when there are alternatives like the popular iPad and Windows Pro tablets. If you were in doubt as well, check out some of the reasons shared below that favor buying an Android tablet.


This is obviously the prime reason to choose Android tablets. When these tablets were launched, they were not as good as iPads. However, this has changed a lot over the past few years. If you are looking for a consumption device that is bigger than a smartphone and has some serious processing skills, you can go for the popular Android tablets like Google Nexus or Kindle Fire tablets. These tablets cost less than iPad and Windows tablets.

Variety of Devices

If you want to escape from the 10-inch slate design that is popularized by Apple, Android tablets would be the best choice. You can choose from 6-inch phablets to kids’ tablets to hybrid devices. There is unending variety in the world of Android tablets than any other tablet platforms. For instance, the Kindle Fire HD is a much different device from Nexus 10 or the LeapFrog LeapPad, but all the devices run on the Android platform.

Freedom of Apps and Media

iPad users can shop only from iTunes, but Android users can download and use media from anywhere they like. There is no shopping around option for the apps or media on Apple’s iOS. However, for an Android tablet, you can choose from where you buy movies, eBooks, music, and even apps. This means that an Android user can shop around for a bargain.

USB Connectivity, Universal Chargers

iPads do not support normal USB devices and there is an aftermarket of third party accessories for the Apple devices, but there is none for the Android ones. This is because Android tablets charges and connects through the micro USB port. This means that the cable that you already own can be used for data transfer also.

Unique Features

You will find some features in Android tablets, which are not available on any other platforms, such as wireless charging or NFC. Yet again, not all Android tablet models will offer you all such unique features and you need to choose one as per your needs.

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