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How to Unlock Your Android Phone Screen Without the Power Button?

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If your power button is not working or is broken on your android phone, then you can easily use these steps to open or unlock your phone without pressing the power button. People usually start thinking about getting a new device when theirs acts up, but they really don’t know that they can keep using the smartphone by using some simple tips and with these tips, you won’t even notice that your power button is not working. 

You can simply make all the process as automatic, and you will learn about it today! So here is the list of the ways that you can use to open your phone without any button and the power one in specific!

Add a timer or automate the system!

The first tip that we can give you is to automate the system simply. You can simply add a timer on your device that will keep turning on the screen and turning it off so that you cannot have to use the button. You can do it by tweaking with the device’s administrator permission and in the other general settings of screen lock!

Android Phone Screen

Use the fingerprint sensors!

Although this option is not available in all the smartphones still, it is an important point that needs to be stated. If your phone has a fingerprint sensor, then you can easily use the biometric scene of the phone to open your device without even touching the power on/off button. 

Using face unlock!

You must also try using the face unlock security feature on your phone. This is the feature that helps you in unlocking your device by just looking at your face. The phone will recognize your face and will simply open the device without even involving the power button.

You can also use the iris lock if you have in your device to unlock your device without involving the unlock or power button. You will see that the phone will simply scan your eyes and will open the screen. These are some of the simple ways, and they are also available on almost every new android device!

Using the wave to unlock or voice command!

Now, this is yet another medium of opening your broken phone with the help of just waving your hand or by uttering the magic words to the screen. Almost every mobile has the voice command feature, and you can use it to unlock the lock screen of your device!

You can easily record your voice, and your hand gesture in the security settings of your phone and you will see that the phone will start using the said medium to open your device every time you need to access it.

So these were some of the top simple ways that don’t involve the power button to open your mobile phone!

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