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Why You Need an Android Tablet Instead of an iPad

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android tabletsThe Android vs. iPad: Which one is better is still going on. But if you want to buy cheap android tablet deals, and you are not sure which one is better, we are giving you the following reasons to explain why Android has the upper hand. 

Better Specs

Size does matter. Android tablets generally have powerful specs as compared to iPads. They have far superior hardware. This might have changed recently, but these tabs packed beefy specs back in the day. Apple has to change its practice to keep up.

Android tablets also come in different sizes.  The smallest tablet is 5.3 inches Samsung Galaxy Note. iPad has a few sizes. Every Android brand, including Samsung, LG, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Motorola, and LG like to experiment to see what fits their audience. Apple lacks this approach. 

Better for Multitasking

You might think cheap android tablet deals don’t offer great products, but you are wrong. iPad lacks multitasking abilities. This is where Android gets the upper hand. Android device is powerful enough to handle different tasks at once. 

Android tabletThe basic difference between Android devices and iOS is multitasking. Android tablets have multi-core processors; they can have 4 to 8 cores. Therefore, these tablets are better at multitasking, thanks to superior power. The case is different from iPad, these devices have dual-core processors at best, and their multi-tasking ability is limited. It’s the same compared to the modern standards of mobile devices.  

Better Notification System

When it comes to cheap android tablet deals, you should know android has the best notification system. The notifications saw some improvements in iOS, but they are not as close as the ones in Android. Android tablets allow you to access recently used apps, go back, and go home. 

They let you access settings wherever you are. You can control every notification you get. The usage and messages are tucked away, so no one can sneak peek at them.


You should know syncing is not needed when it comes to Android Tablets. This is a big deal when you use an iPad, but it’s very much the opposite when it comes to cheap android tablet dealsYes, its true Apple owners hate the fact that they have to sync with iTunes to update from time to time. 

There are obvious reasons why Apple wants its users to update to the latest version of their iOS, but you don’t have to make your user’s life more complicated to do so. 


Apple has Bluetooth and Wifi, but we are talking about accessories and port selection. Most Apple devices have no USB port, SD card reading, HDMI, and the ability to connect USB peripherals; you have to buy a sperate adapter to connect most devices. 

This won’t be the case with Android tablets, even though they are cheap; they have better connectivity and port selection. They even have a headphone jack, with some exceptions. 

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