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Things to do if Your Tablet’s Screen Got Cracked

android tablet 9 inch screen

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Cracks on the android tablet 9 inch screen can be horrible. Even with gorilla glass, a significant drop can crack the screen of your tablet. In this situation, people may start panicking. They don’t know what to do with a crack screen. Here are some steps to repair a cracked screen.

Evaluate the Damage

In the first step, you have to examine the size of the crack. If a crack is tiny, you may not find it problematic. It can be challenging to work with a destroyed screen. You have to find out if only the glass is damaged or if this crack is affecting your LCD panel. 

If your glass is damaged, you can deal with it without any problem. Remember, cracks on LCD panels can affect its quality, such as pixilation, contrast or color. After dropping a device, you may need the assistance of a tablet 9 inch screen

Consider a Cover for Your Tablet

Tablets from online and high end retailers often come with one year warranties. It may not include accidental damage. For this reason, you will need insurance. Remember, insurance can cover cracked screens. After breaking the android tablet 9 inch screen, you will have to contact your insurance provider.

Replacement Service

A few manufacturers offer services to replace your broken screen. For this reason, stick with your manufacturer to get a specific part. It will not invalidate your warranty. Sometimes, the repair services of a third party can make your warranty invalid. If you have any doubt, confirm with your manufacturer.

Determine the Worth of Fixing Damages

After assessing the damage to android tablet 9 inch screen, you have to consider the value of repairing this screen. Before taking a repair decision, you have to consider model and type of tablet, age of the tablet, and total damage. These factors can help you to evaluate the damage.

For instance, it is not valuable to fix a five years old tablet. In this situation, buy a faster and newer tablet. A few tablets are complicated to fix. Samsung tablets and Apple iPads are famous because it is easy to find their different parts. Some tablets are difficult to repair. It is not good to repair a completely shattered screen.

Check Warranty of Tablets

After accessing your damage, you have to evaluate different repair options. Numerous significant manufacturers offer a basic warranty for tablets. They may not provide any help for accidental damage. In many instances, you can get an extra warranty for android tablet 9 inch screen. In the absence of a warranty, you have to spend money from your pocket.

Contact Your Manufacturer

The manufacturer will be the first person to contact for your tablet. The original manufacturer will provide you with certified parts. This warranty will be valid for repair. In numerous cases, these repairs may be expensive or take 4 to 5 weeks. Remember, a manufacturer can replace a refurbished device. Before shipping away your device, you have to back up your data. It will help you to save money on the repair of android tablet 9 inch screen.

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