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How to Update your Tablet Android Version

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Are you going to buy a 14-inch tablet android? It is an excellent idea to purchase a wonderful item that you can use for a long time. To attain the best Android traits and ensure the gadget is safe, a user should run the latest version. It is not possible all the time that you have a most recent version. The Android version changes over time or as newer technology come into the market. It is essential to update the version of your Android tablet. It is quite simple for you. Users can follow some steps and get high-quality and the latest version. This will improve the speed of your device. It is easy to do with this method. 

  • Connect your Android tablet with the internet connection or the Wi-Fi
  • Go to the settings of the Android tablet
  • At the top of the screen, tap “General.”
  • Scroll down, at the bottom; you will see “about device” Click the button
  • Now click the button update
  • It is done

Updating your 14-inch tablet android is simple, and you can increase the speed of your device. You can use many of the latest and modern apps on your device. It increases the efficiency of your Android system.

14 inch tablet android

This 14-inch tablet android is designed in a modern way.  You can buy all of these types of tablets for long time use. If you update your device, then it is important that you keep your device safe from hackers. Hackers use brute-force password or username. It is one of the most common and oldest forms of hacking. This way of hacking is used for identity theft. Hackers get access to someone’s password and a username and get access to the system. It is a user’s friendly device. 


  • Ergonomic designs, wonderful operating system, gaming features. Contains blue LED light 
  • Flexible cooling effect
  • Two USB ports, able to connect with keyboard and mouse
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to care
  • Simple to operate, plug and play
  • Offers good control

If you update the Android tablet version or 14-inch tablet android on a regular basis, then you can keep your device protected from plenty of threats. It provides good functionality and secures it from getting hacked. You can be able to use modern applications and the high-resolution images to download. 

Use it for gaming 

The 14-inch tablet android is the ultimate option to run all types of video games easily. With the help of a powerful processor, it works efficiently. A really perfect conversation permits the person to carry out their tasks efficaciously inside of this gaming device. It lets the person carry out an extremely easy operation. It manages all types of gaming features together with revolutionary gadgets. It is a device that is very easy to operate. The 14-inch screen is of a bigger size that allows you to view and play the game in a better way. 

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