The Easiest Way to Reset the Passcode of your iPad

The digital world is world of passwords. We keep different passwords for different websites and devices, which make it easy for us to forget one. Do not panic if you have forgotten the password to log in to your iPad. There are actually two passwords associated with your iPad. The first one is the password […]

iOS 11 Brings 4K HDR Movies to iPad Pro

Apple recently started to roll out 4K HDR movies on iTunes for their users. This announcement came a few days before the launch of their new 4K-capable Apple TV. The good thing is that iPad Pro tablet users will not have to wait for the Apple’s set-top box because there is a way for them […]

How to Free Up Storage Space in an iPad

Using up of storage space is something that most iPad users complain about. This is particularly the case with those using models having only an inbuilt memory of 16 GB. Installing too much apps and using the device to store various kinds of files can cause the storage to get used up fast. However, many […]

How to Sync eBooks Using iTunes and iCloud in your iPad

Reading eBooks is much easier with the iPad due to its large and high quality display. Besides, the many storage options available in iPads make it easy to store more than a thousand books, magazines, and other written material in the device. However, reading eBooks on an iPad requires first obtaining them on the device. […]

A Brief Review of Apple iPad Pro 10.5

With the latest iOS 11, iPad Pro 10.5 offers a different feel from the earlier models and marks the beginning of a new era for Apple. Users say that the iPad Pro 10.5 is a whole-new device that is much more versatile and allows users to do things that can be done only on the […]

Four iOS 11 Features Students will Love

The operating system used by Apple for their iPhone and iPad devices is commonly known as iOS. Apple recently announced that they would be launching a new mobile operating system, iOS 11, which is rumored to be one of the most significant iOS updates in the recent years. Reports from several reliable sources claim that […]

How to Print Wirelessly From an iPad

Portability and ease of use have always been a focus for mobile devices, especially tablets. Apple understands this well, and they have made printing on the go a breeze with iPad tablets. The proprietary wireless printing technology of Apple, called AirPrint, can help you print from your iPad or iPhone without the need to involve […]

Apple Launches a New Model of iPad Pro

The iPad Pro tablet from Apple, launched approximately two years ago, was originally designed as a replacement for PC. The iPad Pro from Apple had an excellent 12.9-inch screen but the downfall was that the size of the tablet made it a little uncomfortable for use. However, Apple was determined to overcome the issue and […]

5 Tools iOS 11 Will Bring to your iPad

Officials from Apple recently announced their latest mobile operating system, titled as iOS 11. Reports indicate that this new mobile operating system will be launched by this fall and it will bring a number of exciting new features to your iPad and iPhone. iOS 11 is currently being subjected to a number of developer testing […]

Replacing Broken iPad Air 2 Screen

What should you do if you accidentally shattered the screen of the iPad Air 2 that you recently bought from wholesale tablets store? iPad Air 2 is a real thin model from Apple, meaning that there is not much room left for the inner parts, and as the device features a 9.7-inch display, the most […]