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5 Tools iOS 11 Will Bring to your iPad

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Officials from Apple recently announced their latest mobile operating system, titled as iOS 11. Reports indicate that this new mobile operating system will be launched by this fall and it will bring a number of exciting new features to your iPad and iPhone.

iOS 11 is currently being subjected to a number of developer testing but Apple has already hinted some of the crucial changes that this new mobile operating system will bring to Apple tablets and smartphones. Let us take a brief look on some of the big changes that we can expect with the launch of OS 11.

Drag and Drop

iOS 11 will offer support for dropping and dragging items between apps. For instance, you will be easily able to drag an image from your photo album into your email. Currently, users need to tap around the email app for adding attachments. So, the support for drag and drop will make things a lot faster.

Peer-to-Peer Payments

Apple also announced their mobile payment app a few weeks ago. An added feature in iOS 11 will enable users to use Apple Pay for sending money through iMessage. It will be linked to your credit or debit card too, which means that the money transfer process will be a lot quicker.

A New App Store

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that Apple has finally decided to entirely redesign their App Store. The latest app store will be more focused on offering fewer high-quality applications to iPad and iPhone users rather than presenting numerous apps. A section of the new app store will also be dedicated just for games.

Siri Improvements

It is a well-known fact that Apple has been putting up plenty of valiant efforts to improve Siri. The iOS 11 mobile operating system may be bringing a much better version of Siri but the officials from Apple have refused to provide details on what these improvements are. However, some say that users will most probably be able to ask Siri to speak translations.

Control Center

The Control Center of most iPads currently allows users to only make slight tweaks to their devices. For example, you will have to pull the control center of your iPad up from the bottom of your screen to turn your device into Airplane mode, activate the flashlight, or turn off Wi-Fi. However, you will be able to control a lot more with iOS 11 because there will be shortcuts to voice recorder, Apple TV remote, and a lot more.

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