Comparing Samsung Tab 4 Vs Tab 3

Samsung is one of the leading producers of smartphones and tablets in global market. Samsung’s latest device, Galaxy Tab 4, that comes in both 7-inch and 8-inch models, are compared with its predecessors to get a better idea of its specs. Samsung 7-inch Series Samsung released its new Tab 4 7-inch model as a successor […]

Full Phone Specification of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung launched an incredible gadget, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 211 tablet, in the year 2013; but the demand for the tablet has never gone down ever in the past years. The amazing display and exceptional battery backup are the highlights of this model, and this model is one of the best wholesale tablets you can […]

Full Phone Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

If you were planning to buy wholesale tablets, then one of the best choices available to you would be Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, provided that you were not looking to buy iPads in bulk. The multi-user mode, excellent display, and lightweight feature in Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 makes it one of the best tablets ever […]