Here’s Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a Must-Buy

It is quite evident how our life has been changed so drastically with the involvement of technology. Every one of us goes through this- either reads an article or finishes up the presentation while on our way to our office. But do you still use your heavy laptop for this?  Tablet is one such thing […]

Why You Must Experience Samsung Tablet At Least Once in Your Lifetime

We all know that working on a tablet is much easier and more affordable than working on a laptop. Especially for the people that have to carry that heavy laptop bag daily to their workplaces, it is much of a hectic task. Imagine going to the office with a just tablet in hand while it […]

Why Samsung Tablet Are Everyone’s Favorite?

Before purchasing any tablet, a lot of research work goes into choosing the best options for us. The research work is no doubt hectic because the market has the widest range of tablets to offer that too with different updates coming now and then. The thing does not stop here, they are available in the […]

How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Smartphones?

Samsung Smartphones

Nowadays, smartphones have become essential for communication. You can send and receive text messages. Sometimes, text messages become annoying; therefore, you have to block them. Blocking text messages on your Samsung Galaxy phone can be an easy process. You can use the internal settings of your mobile or use a third-party app. Method of blocking […]

How to Replace the Battery of a Surface Book?

Samsung Galaxy tablets

A surface book is a newly designed gadget that is manufactured by Microsoft. The surface book works as a 2 in 1 gadget, which makes its demand higher than other gadgets. The surface book is different than a laptop. The surface book has more pixels and high resolution that ensures high quality. The surface book […]

Top Samsung Tablet with Keyboard and Pen

Looking for the best Samsung Galaxy Tablets? Tablets are used for different reasons. Tablets are the mobile devices that are used for both kids and professionals. It is a wonderful device for your kid’s indoor activities. The Samsung tablets with keyboard and pen are very important to improve the mental efficiencies in the children. These […]

A Brief Look at the Samsung Galaxy Book 12 and Galaxy Book 10

The Windows tablet, Galaxy TabPro S from Samsung was launched last year. Samsung had borrowed a number of ideas put forward by Microsoft’s Surface line of tablets in order to improve the performance of the device. In a recent announcement, Samsung announced that they are planning to launch two new tablets in the line that […]

A Quick Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung recently announced that they are launching a new tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3 to cater the needs of high demanding tech-savvy users. The iPad has been dominating the tablet market for quite a few years now, but this recent product from Samsung may put the manufacturer way ahead of Apple in tablet sales. Samsung’s […]

How to Make the Most of your Samsung Galaxy View

Quite a few tablets are available in the market as of now, giving the kind of view the size of a homegrown television. Ever thought of adding the Samsung Galaxy View to your holiday season wish list? This Android tablet is definitely a top-notch device suiting the coined phrase – the everyday tablet! Whopping Display: […]

What Makes Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 the Best Laptop Alternative

The introduction of advanced tablets by leading brands has resulted in many users seeking these devices as a viable alternative to conventional laptops. Tablets have numerous advantages like increased connectivity options and portability that make them ideal for any kind of business or personal use. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 is one such device touted as […]