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Here’s Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a Must-Buy

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It is quite evident how our life has been changed so drastically with the involvement of technology. Every one of us goes through this- either reads an article or finishes up the presentation while on our way to our office. But do you still use your heavy laptop for this? 

Tablet is one such thing invented for such a multitask like you. The lightweight body does all the work of your heavy laptop and feels so weightless like your smartphone. While it performs all such functions, it is so obvious to say that tablets are an affordable alternative to our smartphones.

It is such a needless thing to say how smoothly tablets have entered our life and made them more suitable. The way tablets operate and function has set our expectations high. Not all tablets that you come across can fulfill all your anticipations.

This is where Samsung Tablets come into play. 

Samsung offers you all that one might ever ask for in a tablet. The company is famously known for launching products that are suitable and convenient for all classes of society. It always stands first in bringing the newest technology to the table. One such Samsung Tablet is Galaxy S8, nothing can go wrong while you have this on your side. 

While by now you might have understood why having Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a must. There is so much to know before you buy yourself one like your deal can turn better when it is purchased through Samsung tablet wholesalers

  1. Convertible As A Laptop Using Samsung DeX

With Samsung DeX, you can still experience the traditional PC or laptop on a Tablet. It gives you all the access to dragging and dropping tabs, opening multiple windows, and much more. It also lets you work on windows in both landscape and portrait mode. It can easily be connected to a Miracast-enabled TV wirelessly and to a monitor using a USB-C cable. 

You can’t get a tablet better than this.

  1. Customizable Multi-Window layouts

Perfectly designed tablet for hustler like you. With Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, you get a customizable 4 multi-window layout that can be easily adjusted based on your workload. You can resize the particular window layout to experience the laptop and traditional PC feel.  Be it answering that important e-mails to managing notes while being on a video call, you can do it all on just a tablet. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 comes with a large, high-resolution 120Hz sAMOLED display to let you do all the hustle with all ease which means while you are working on multiple windows layouts your eyes are very well protected from straining.

  1. Power-Packed Processor 

If you are thinking of a better replacement for a laptop with all its hardcore features, you can look out for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. The Galaxy tablet comes with a power-packed Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which is quite known for operating rigorous apps in real-time.

And with 16 GB RAM and 512GB of storage which can expand up to 1 TB, so you can be least bothered about the storage issue on the Samsung Tablets.

With all such features on a single tablet, we can surely say that you can have Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 as a swift replacement for your heavy laptops. 

  1. 2 in 1 Book Cover Keyboard 

It is okay that a tablet can let you fulfill all your creativity purposes by just touching the screen but can in this manner you can carry your office operations?

It is one such question that still arises in many of us but there is nothing that has no solutions.

You can swiftly switch your office work on a Samsung tablet from your old laptop always. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra comes with 2 in1 book cover keyboard with which you can have a larger-than-life experience. 

It comes with a backlit keyboard having all the shortcuts for your favorite apps and DeX. You can also use this keyboard on your phone as well. Not only this, you get various standing modes for many other uses.

  1. Interchangeable Between Samsung Devices

Not all time you can carry all the devices on which you work. With Samsung galaxy tablets, you can seamlessly work on any Samsung device and can have all the work on your hand with Samsung DeX. 

For Example- You can connect your Samsung Ultra to your PC and can use it as the second screen or the tablet can be used as a giant trackpad while playing your highly intensive games.

  1. Better Camera Resolution and Noise Cancellation

It is always seen that mostly all tabs in the market lack in providing you a good quality camera and sound system. This can make your online meeting experience awful and nobody can ever take a chance on this. But with Galaxy Tablets, you can ace all of your online meetings and can present yourself more professionally.

The Galaxy Tablets come with an ultra-wide facing camera backed by an auto framing mode which automatically captures persons into a frame and a three-way microphone and noise cancellation properties make it worth purchasing. You can never experience such features of a smartphone, laptops, and traditional PC on a single tablet. But is there anything that Samsung doesn’t offer? With Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 you have it all on an individual device too without spending different amounts on different devices.

By now you might have known why and how Samsung Tablets can make you feel the awe of their cool features. And with Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, you can never go wrong. Maybe because of such bold moves and operations, Galaxy Tabs are everyone’s favorite. 

So, if you feel you are ready to switch to Galaxy Tablets, you should keep certain things in mind. Out of those certain things, seller information plays a major role in your purchasing decision. To keep you away from arriving in such situations, we at Wholesale Tablets are famously known for dealing in Samsung tablet wholesalers and we promise to offer you the best before and after service at a great deal.

Do reach out to us if you ever wish to own a Samsung Tablets.

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