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Why You Should Buy Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

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Managing both laptop and tablet at the same time can be so hectic. While they both function quite similarly, laptops can’t be taken away anywhere because they aren’t handy as tablets are. They are so portable that you can attend your office meeting from wherever you wish. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is such one gadget that can easily mold according to your needs without hampering the function that it aims to offer.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is such a multitasking gadget that it makes itself a must-have tool for a generation like us who likes to hustle. It comes with Windows 10 Notebook which is also a Windows 10 tablet that offers an advantage to those who want to have both windows products simultaneously without having to spend differently or two products. 

That also makes it an affordable option for those who want a two-in-one gadget at a lesser price. 

This product is great for those who don’t want much hardware and that too not carrying two different charging cables. This gives Microsoft an edge over other tech products offering tablets and laptops.

If you are also the one who wants a product that can cater to your tablets and laptop needs at the same time, then you are probably at the right place.

Features Of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 

These features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 make a perfect buy for you:

  1. Makes Scanning and Printing Smooth

Have you ever imagined that tablets can make your scanning and printing work so hassle-free? Microsoft Surface Pro 4 does it with so much so ease. The office lens itself edits out anything which is not a part of a document and keeps it safe by adding it to OneNote.

You don’t need a wired setup, all thanks to the USB 3.0 port that requires a regular USB cable.

  1. Unlock With Your Face

Just like any other android phone and iPhone, you can unlock your device without having to type your password to enter in.

 Surface Pro 4 comes with auto-focus and a high-resolution camera and infrared sensor which recognizes you and makes it safer when it is kept with an unrecognized person.

  1. Connect With Your TV

Now you can broadcast your TV with Surface Pro 4, fulfilling your entertainment purpose.

It comes with connect app letting you connect your TV and monitors and you get the perfect device that can give you full fledge cinema feeling.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Comes With A Non-Detachable Keyboard

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 turns the keyboard without switching it off. The ridge has a sensor that senses out when the cover is folded back to turn the tablet mode on without switching off the keyboard. The process is so smooth that it makes a magical moment to live by.

  1. Launch Xbox Games

You can connect your Xbox controller with Surface Pro 4 for that perfect streaming. This makes them a perfect pair for playing games like Dragon Mania, Minecraft, and Fallout shelter.

Who doesn’t like to have a gadget that can make their life easier without compromising on the quality part?

Given the benefits like less hardware, less price, and a two-in-one tablet cum laptop, you can’t resist having one.

We are sure we have helped you in knowing what benefit does Microsoft Surface Pro 4 offers and why it is a great deal for you.

If you are an institution that is looking forward to having it for your offices or if you are a person who likes to have a high-tech product but doesn’t want to spend more, you can also get it on rent.  

If you wish to get one on rent with great deals, you can connect us for more such great offers and deals on tablets, laptops, and many other tech products.

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