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Why You Must Experience Samsung Tablet At Least Once in Your Lifetime

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We all know that working on a tablet is much easier and more affordable than working on a laptop. Especially for the people that have to carry that heavy laptop bag daily to their workplaces, it is much of a hectic task. Imagine going to the office with a just tablet in hand while it can perform almost every function of a laptop and is so lightweight as well.

One such tablet which is synonymous with portability and good specifications, Samsung performs very well and works more than just a tablet.

To let you know why you must bring a Samsung tablet in your life and trust it working.

Following are the features to look out for when you are buying a Samsung tablet:

 Perform more with Multi-Active Window mode

If you are a multitasker and love to do more than one thing at a time from being drafting a mail while referring it from another document and preparing that business presentation as well, then you should know about the multi-active window mode of Galaxy Tabs. 

A feature that is similar to a laptop but can also be used in Samsung tablets. Isn’t it amazing?

Keep your work more secured with fingerprint unlock

Data is important and so its privacy too. Keeping your work safe is itself a big job.

But not anymore! With a cool yet promising fingerprint unlock feature in Galaxy Tabs, you can now work on your projects more safely. This element in the Galaxy tab makes it more worthy to have such a tablet by your side.

Take notes with S Pen

Working on a tablet with the continuous tapping of a finger, that too on a tablet screen is not a good idea to move ahead with. That’s not it. With Samsung’s S Pen you can now perform any task so easily without having to worry about scratches. Be it dragging and pulling up the tabs in between, making your presentation and taking notes can’t be easier than this.

Powerful 15-hour battery

Struggling to keep up your great work just because of poor battery performance can lower your work productivity. Samsung products are known for their good battery performances and thus their Tabs offer more than 15-hour battery performance. Now work continuously with having the fear of battery drainage.

Samsung DeX gives you an experience of PC

Do you miss working on a PC? Now that Samsung has Samsung DeX that you can connect a USB C cable with the monitor to cast the monitor screen on your tablet. With some optimized application that is if once connected to your PC, you can now also work virtually anywhere.

Samsung is always known for its innovation and its powerful battery performances, making itself everyone’s favorite gadget to work with.

These were some of the features you should try your hands on. No other tablet will be able to offer you such cool features from time to time with required updates to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.
We are the wholesale dealer that aims at provides the best offer and deals on Samsung tablets and gadgets. You can always count on us if you have made up your mind about purchasing Samsung tablets for yourself or your business.

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