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Pros and Cons of iPad 2

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iPad 2 has been in the market for more than three years. Apple has successfully launched many new models since the launch of iPad 2. Yet, many individuals still prefer to purchase the second member of the iPad devices family.

Many of you might wonder what is so special about iPad 2. So, here are some of the pros and cons of iPad 2, which will help you to know more about this exceptional product.


As iPad 2 has been in market for quite some time now, the price of this tablet has considerably reduced over the years. One of the main reasons for this is the launch of new tablets from Apple as well as from other companies. Many of us prefer to buy an exciting new model instead of settling for an older one.

However, if you were planning to buy an iPad at a cheap price, then iPad 2 would be the best choice for you. Purchasing the tablet online will save you a lot of money as many online tablets stores offer amazing discounts on iPads. You can also get greater discounts on wholesale orders.


One of the major disadvantages of iPad 2 is that it is very slow when compared to the latest models available in market. Therefore, if you wish to play mobile games and other applications, which require a great amount of processing power, then you might want to skip this product and settle for a latest iPad model.

However, iPad 2 is great for casual uses such as browsing, checking your email, reading, and a lot more. Hence, iPad 2 is a good product if you are just a regular phone user, who is okay with the little power it offers.

Software Updates

Another major disadvantage of iPad 2 is that future software updates are not possible with this model. Customers will have to stay satisfied with the Apple iOS 7 version, which is the last update possible on this device. However, users can access many latest features through this update.

It is also evident that the iOS 8 version will only be a slightly different from its predecessor. So, if you were looking for an average tablet model, which offers a decent performance at a cheap cost, then you should certainly choose iPad 2.

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