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5 tips to charge your tablet faster

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Are you worried about the charging speed of your android tablet? It can be frustrating to always charge your phone. If the use of your phone is above average, you have to keep your phone plugged to a power source. It can affect your battery life.

Remember, battery life is a fusion of different factors. You have to use your phone intelligently to increase the efficiency of your smartphone and tablet. These good practices may decrease your frustration related to your battery. See these instructions.

Airplane Mode

If you want to charge the battery of your tablet quickly, you can activate its airplane mode. Network signal can affect your battery. Your battery will drain at a faster rate in case of worse signals. A person who lives in an area with weak signals may need more time to charge his tablet. For this reason, activate airplane mode before plugging your phone into a power source.

Table at a Faster Speed

Turn Your Tablet Off

People often overlooked this simple trick. If you want to charge your tablet quickly, you have to turn it off. It will charge quickly without drawing anything from your battery.

Enable Charge Mode

An android device allows you to specify connection type once you plug in one USB cable. In the recent version of android, you will find this option in “Developer Options” menu. If you want to access developer options, go to “Settings – Phone About – Build Number”

Tap on this number quickly seven times. In the first two presses, your device may start a countdown for remaining taps. Now, move to “Settings – Developer Options – Choose USB Configuration”. You have to press “Charge” 

Wall Socket for Charging

If you want to increase the charging speed of your tablet, you can use a wall socket. Remember, non-wall socket ports offer a 0.5A power output. In a wall socket charger, you will get 1A (based on your tablet).

Table at a Faster Speed

Purchase a Power Bank

A traveler needs a power bank to recharge his tablet. Several power banks offer a similar amperage output and a wall socket. Your tablet will charge faster with one two-amp output. You will need a USB cable to handle the additional power. 

Prevent Wireless Charging

If you are worried about charging speed, you should avoid wireless charging. They offer a slow charging experience than a wired counterpart. Remember, these can be 50% slower than wired chargers. 

Remove Case of Your Phone

Smartphones depend on lithium-ion batteries. The charging procedure can be more efficient when your battery is cold. For efficient charging, the temperature of the battery must be between 41 F and 113 F. Remove the case of your tablet to keep its battery cool.

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