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Best Tablets with Latest Android Version 2019

best deal tablet today

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Do you want to buy the best deal tablet today? If you do and you want one with Android Pie, then you should know there are some decent devices in the market right now that can help. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S5 as a Mid-range device. They made everyone believe that the next leading device that will replace the Tab S4 would be the S5 but to no avail. The company decided their next leader would be Galaxy Tab S6. This means we were are going to see a Tab S5. It doesn’t matter, which is released first the S5 or S6, it will become the next best deal tablet today

The tablet is available now at the price of $650 and that is without keyboard case. It supports Android Pie out of the box and has the new S pen included. This device boasts some nice upgrades over the previous generations, and we expect it will blow everyone away.

Lenovo Tab V7

The Tab V7 is a budget device. It was announced too soon and went on sale in April. The device is easily available, and you can fetch it for a price of less than $200. Its features a compact body with impressive features inside; this device even supports 4G Lite. 

The display is a 6.9 inches which makes it more of an overgrown smartphone instead of a full-sized tablet. Don’t worry; you are getting FHD resolution, Android Pie, Snapdragon 450 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB – 128GB internal storage with SD card support. It is the best deal tablet deal tablet today

Lenovo Tab M10 HD

The Tab M10 is an entry-level device. You can say it’s the cheaper variant of Lenovo Tab M10. Cheap doesn’t mean Lenovo made any serious cutbacks. Still, you are getting an HD screen, Snapdragon 429 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage with MicroSD support. 

The highlight of this tablet is that it comes supporting Android Pie right out of the box. Not to mention you are getting all of this for the mere price of $170. This is an exceptional offer by Lenovo which makes the Tab M10 HD the best deal tablet today

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

This is the creative but cheaper counterpart of S Tablet series. The new entry-level tablet by Samsung suffered a leak. This leak made by an industry insider revealed everything we should expect from the device.  There are some debates about its design, but we are firm the specs will be the same or almost the same. 

We know that the device will come featuring an 8-inch HD display with Snapdragon 429 processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. It supports MicroSD expansion. There is an optional 4G lite option shall anyone wants it, but the real catch here is the one UI with Android 9 Pie. We expect it to become the best deal tablet today once it is released in the market.

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