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Android Or Windows Tablet Which Is Better?

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Are you a fan of Windows or Android? No matter which side you choose, you always go through all of them before buying a tablet for yourself. 

Choosing from the wide variety of tablets is a tough call, and to pull you out of that situation, we at wholesale tablets have gone through the research process to let you know which is best for you.

Below is some of the information you might need to glance at before buying one.

  1. Screen Size

The Screen Size specs of any digital device play a pivotal role in the buyer’s purchasing decision. Now, regarding this kind of specification in tablets, each of us will have different prerequisites. 

You might be involved in office work, then having a large screen ratio is a perfect fit. But if you are much into content consumption, then having a size or two smaller than 12 won’t do much harm. 

If looking for a large screen ratio, you should go for the Microsoft Surface  Book 2, which comes with the promise and credibility of Microsoft. 

  1. Connectivity

Buying a tablet without cellular connectivity is similar to buying a cellphone without a sim. However, it is no longer a surprise factor to know that these tablets are designed to match PC-like functionalities. And having cellular connectivity makes it worth investing in a device. 

Microsoft offers you to choose your favorite carrier for your 4G plans. But now, almost every company is offering cellular connectivity options to go for. 

So choosing one based on connectivity can be your call.

  1. Accessories

It is quite known that tablets are large-sized touch screen devices, offering the functionality of a laptop but don’t come many accessories. In that case, do look for a tablet that happens to offer some of its accessories, whether paid or not. 

Samsung tablet, inbuilt with windows, comes with a stylus pen to make you work non-stop and freely. 

By glancing at the current market offering, almost all uniform accessories for all company devices are available such as a Bluetooth keyboard to give a compact laptop feel.

  1. App Support

Having a tablet that gives you poor application performance is probably like paying for a service that gives you nothing in return. 

The whole experience of having a tablet is to enjoy its performance, but apps are such tools upon which the purchasing decision can be based. 

Some Windows tablets, such as the Surface Pro X, have transitioned to ARM-based CPUs in recent years, which can considerably influence the kind of programs they can run.

A tablet worth having.

  1. Storage Limits

The most important specs of any device would be its storage limits. Even if you are a student, working professional, content creator, or just a normal user, having a good storage limit is what everyone always wants. 

Surface storage: 64GB (Surface Go only), 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB

Samsung Galaxy Tab storage: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB 

Although a Windows tablet isn’t appropriate for everyone, it is the best option for many applications for the reasons stated above. This is especially true for employees of major corporations. 

There is more pricing flexibility with Windows tablets because the corporation has more accessory alternatives. Business professionals will also benefit from the large choice of accessories and app options.

 Windows tablets and accessories are available at various price points to suit any budget.

Going for Android or windows can be your choice depending on your work requirements. Of course, choosing and comparing each one of the tablets is a never-ending discussion. But if you want some personalized experience from your tablet, then going for windows can be a good plan. Alternatively, if you are looking for a wide variety, then probably going for Android is the choice that is always open for you. 
But if you decide to get any of them, then contacting once with wholesale tablets can be the great deal you will ever make. Looking for a Tablet pc wholesale in India? Wholesale tablets can be the answer.

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