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Effective Ways to Speed up the Performance of Your Tablet!

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After buying a certain gadget, you might have to compromise with several quality issues. The reality is that it can be obstructive for you in many ways. Well, this is the reason that you should look for ways to speed up your tablet with wholesale tablets.    


Reboot Your Tablet!


If your tablet is performing slow, the easiest and quick fix is to reboot your device immediately. If your tablet is old, the smartest approach is to remove the battery for a few minutes and then put it back. Now restart your device.     


Many tablets don’t have a removable battery. In this case, hold the power button down. You can do it by holding the Volume down and Volume up buttons. The advantage of this method is that your tablet will restart. Even if your Smartphone has become slow, you can use the same method to increase the speed.


Release Storage Space


After you buy Wholesale Tablets, you need to learn a lot of methods to resolve problems on your tablet. The biggest problem comes with storage issues. 


Your tablet might have many applications that are not in use anymore. Consider deleting those apps. In this way, you can release a lot of space and get rid of storage issues in your tablet. 


Update Your Device 


The potency of wholesale tablets is very clear. They are effective, easy to use, secure and flexible. It is just like having a mini-computer in your hand.


With every release, Google attempts to bring about a substantial improvement in stability, speed, and connectivity. Nonetheless, you are required to be aware of the latest software updates. If any updates are available, make sure that you install the latest OS software update on your tablet.


Install the latest version of the Android OS. Users need to know that Android OS has a very important role to play. Having the latest Android OS will impact your device positively. With the updated OS, you can enjoy improved tablet performance.

Charge with the Original Adapter


Do not wait for your tablet to get discharged completely. When your battery is 20-25 %, charge it. The battery drains very fast when it is hot. Do not let the device get heated. This kind of battery drain harms the battery. Electronics heat up easily when plugged at a stretch. Do not keep the charger plugged in for hours


The tablet comes with a power adapter. Use only the given power adapter because other adapters harm your device or battery.


Perform Reset


Even after trying the above methods, the speed of your device is not improving, perform a reset. Factory reset operation will speed up your Android tablet. But make sure that you have done a backup of your files as a factory reset will delete all the existing data from your tablet.


Clear Cache


Whether you have a tablet or a Smartphone, clearing cache is very important. It will release a lot of space and boost the performance of your device. 


Try these methods to enhance the speed of your Android tablet or Smartphone. You will be pleased with the findings.


Nevertheless, before carrying out any step to enhance the speed of your tablet, you should have a considerable understanding of the process and the ways the tablet functions. When you have prior knowledge of things, you will not end up making blunders.


Delete Unnecessary Music, Apps, Photos and Videos


Content is king, but when you keep a lot of data on your tablet, it can also be a downfall. Over time, tablets collect data, media and apps that are not used frequently. We have already talked about deleting apps, but deleting long videos and big files will also clear a lot of space. 


These big files clog up the tablet’s storage space. It leads to an overall slower tablet experience. This is particularly true if your tablet is in the last few gigabytes of storage. For Apple users, storage issues might come sooner than expected because the company is enabling bigger 4GB apps.


A simple way to avoid this slowdown is to perform routine maintenance on the tablet. Media, especially pictures and music that you no longer use should be removed from the tablet’s drive. While there is no certain number of media or apps that should be kept on your tablet, the fewer data, the better performance is the golden rule here.

For beginners, you can try deleting pictures that you do not feel is good enough to be kept on your Wholesale Tablets.


Wipe Your Browser


Browser is a one-stop destination for one and all. Everyone loves surfing the Web out of curiosity or to stay updated. The only problem is that not everyone remembers to delete their browser’s cache. While this step may not bring a noticeable speed increase, it is a small step you can carry to make sure that you don’t have any unnecessary files stored on your device.


Many of today’s apps also keep a folder of cached items stored on the tablet. If the app allows, you may delete this cache to boost performance and load times. 


Nevertheless, this may lead to losing saved app history or saved games and pages. If a certain app doesn’t allow you to delete the cache, consider uninstalling it. Install it later when needed.


Final Words


Tablet is an electronic device and all types of electronic devices show signs of failure one day. They are also prone to slowing down with age. Applications that once opened within seconds, will take many seconds or minutes to load. Furthermore, screen swipes that were once bouncy and fluid will seem unresponsive or slow. 


However, these problems can be fixed by being cautious and following the above-given steps from time to time. Try removing videos and music on your tablet. Rather, use Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or OneDrive to back up your images, videos and documents. In this way, they don’t take up as much space as on your tablet’s local storage.

With a few simple steps, you can optimize your Wholesale Tablets to perform like they did when you first bought them.

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