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Must-Have Accessories: Turn Your Tablet into a Productive Machine

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cheapest tabletsDo you think your tablet can do much more than playing movies or music?

Of course it can! You just need the right mindset to make a small investment. Speaking of which, who has the cheapest tablets doesn’t matter when it comes to productivity. You have to spend a bit to make sure you are getting a fair deal. We will be mentioning some accessories that make your device more productive.

External Hard drive

If you can forget who has the cheapest tablets and focus on storage, that will help you make a better choice for your tablet purchase. Tablets are not known for their high storage capacity. They are basically  on par with cell phone devices. If you have a lot of content and need a lot of storage, you should not you probably won’t be able to have it all on your tablet Instead, you will need an upgradeable external hard drive and move it there.

You need a model with at least 1TB storage capacity. If you want, you can search for higher capacities. The device you should choose should come with its own battery. Some external batteries have can be used for up to 10 hours, and they can be paired with any OS.

who has the cheapest tablets

Wireless Speaker

If you think tablets have subpar speakers, don’t worry, the speaker’s laptops come with are not any better. Drop the debate of who has the cheapest tablets and find a solution for bad tablet speakers.  You can’t support a full-size speaker through the audio jack of your tablet. You need a portable option that works with Bluetooth. There are a lot of good speakers available today that steam your music over Bluetooth.                      They don’t cost a fortune. Just make sure they sound good and have a long lasting battery.

Wireless Flash Reader

Tablets are excellent for looking at photos and watching video content. They are excellent devices for entertainment. However, getting your gallery of images from your phone or camera and into your tablet is not an easy task. This is because even the most expensive tablet models don’t have a card reader. This makes it where  transferring a file can be challenging.

The simple solution to this problem is to get a flash reader. Don’t argue over who has the cheapest tablets because none of them has a built-in card reader.  You need a wireless flash reader that can read SD, SDHX, SDHC and Micro SD. It should connect to your device wirelessly via WI-FI, and you should be able to access files.

Power Bank

Although they are not specifically designed for tablets, they can be used with one without any issues. Tablets have great battery life, no arguments there. What if you are outdoors and unable to charge your device through a typical charging port. This is where the power bank comes in. In some cases, it won’t charge the device to its full capacity, but it will give you enough juice to keep your device running for a few more hours.

Don’t look for who has the cheapest tablets and instead focus on getting the best accessories available in the market to turn your tablet in a productive machine. If you need it,  you can get a keyboard as well. Just make sure that your tablet is compatible with the top of the line accessories you plan to purchase.

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