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Rising Demands for Incorporating Wholesale Tablet Computers in School Education

Wholesale tablets

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The tablet computers used in school education are fully compatible with online teaching as well other teaching learning platforms. Wholesale tablets are recommended for school education as they improve creativity of students, flexibility in terms of space and time, sharing and searching study materials, and the students also get motivated in their studies.

In today’s world technology is growing at an alarming rate that changes the way we do things.  While several years ago students were writing things in their notebooks, now students are asked to submit PowerPoint slides and even take pictures of their notes.

With this in mind, many schools are considering incorporating the use of gadgets such as a student tablet to enhance learning and teaching experience for students.

Tablet computers are cheaper and portable which makes them a good replacement for books and notebooks.

Creating a good learning environment at schools contributes towards student learning. By getting wholesale tablets, you can give a young person access to several educational applications. 

It is observed that students become motivated by lesson plans used on tablets over the ones that are taught from textbooks. Literacy can be improved with the use of voice recorders.

Features of Tablet Computers

There are certain features of a tablet computer which makes it preferable for education which includes:-

  1. Size: Tablet computers are thinner, smaller and lighter as compared to laptops. The commonly used tablet computers range between 8.5 and 10 inches. Most users consider tablets to be more convenient to transport and easier to carry because of the weight difference and thinness of a tablet computer.
  2. Battery Life: Tablet computers range in battery life from 4 to 10 hours and their chargers are smaller and more portable.
  3. Price: The price of a tablet computer is dependent on the brand you choose, storage space you would like to have, and the additional accessories you choose.
  4. Easy to Use: People find the navigation of tablets easier because of its touch-based user interface. Tablets can also run thousands of applications that are often easier to use and cheaper than on an actual computer or laptop.

Wholesale Tablets in Schools

There are many advantages of incorporating use of a tablet computer in schools such as:-

  1. It offers control over content allowed on the device.
  2. It provides control over access to online resources that are accessible with the device.
  3. When using tablets no class distinctions exist between students.
  4. Monitoring tools such as student time tracking and lesson progress are enabled by device-usage analysis.
  5. The device fully upgrades when new software versions are available.
  6. The tablet computers are reusable and suitable for upgrades or refurbishment.

Use of Tablet Computers in Education

A tablet computer is a compact device that functions as a laptop in many ways. There has been a rise in demands for tablets because of their ease of use, portability, and features. They can be used to browse internet, download books, check email, read books, and organize content.

Tablet Computers are emerging as a powerful learning tool in education. The functionality of the tablets allows teachers to create notes and lecture materials for their classes digitally which can be distributed to students for later review. A digitally enhanced learning environment is implemented to contribute towards better student learning. 

Benefits of Wholesale Tablets in the Classroom

  • It Reduces The Need For Students To Bring Everything To The Class

Textbooks of the students can be downloaded to their tablets thus eliminating the need to carry actual books back and forth.  Teachers can download class lectures and study materials to the tablets of their students. There are several notetaking applications that help students to organize their notes making them easily accessible for study. 

  • It Brings Visual Elements to the Classroom

Use of tablet allows teachers to show visual images that children can interact with. For example students can use their tablets to present a visual report with facts about animals. When students interact with the visual images it enhances their learning ability.

  • It Offers Collaborative Learning for Students

Use of tablet computers allows students to collaborate inside as well as outside the classroom. A tablet allows them to continue their discussion at a later time. With the use of certain applications, students can share ideas and brainstorming sessions with their friends and also get input from teachers on their assignments.

  • It Offers Quick Feedback On Quizzes And Exercises

There are several applications like ProProfs used by teachers to make quizzes. Students take the quiz and get instant results. This allows students to learn from their mistakes at a quicker rate. It also helps the teachers as they don’t have to check the student quizzes manually.


  • It Offers Distance/Online Education: 


One  of  the primary  benefits  of incorporating   tablet computers  in  an  online  course  environment is  that  students  can receive personalized  notes  and  feedback  from  teachers. Their teachers  can  mark  digital assignments  using  a  tablet computer which  can  be  saved  and  sent  back  to  the  student  on  the original  document.  Though this, the students get more specific and useful feedback on their assignments.


  • Other Benefits: 


Schools can reduce paper usage when they allow students to submit their assignments digitally by emailing them to teachers. Making use of entertaining and age-appropriate applications can boost interest and engagement among students. The devices also prepare students for the technological world in which they live.


The tablet computers are relatively inexpensive and are easy to use. They allow direct communication through secured channels and link students with their teachers. Customized lessons based on the needs of individual students are possible.

There are several researches showing that use of tablets improves computer skills and encourages independent thinking. Being portable tablets can be taken along by students for better learning experiences as they can document information by taking photos, videos, and voice recordings about their experience.

Mobile learning involves the use of tablet computer technology along with other information and communication technology (ICT) which in turn enables learning anywhere and anytime globally.

People use mobile devices to access educational resources, create content and connect with others inside and outside classrooms. Mobile learning also contributes towards supporting broad educational goals like effective administration of school systems with the use of tablet computers.

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