Which iPad Model Is Best For You?

Apple Inc. has stopped the production of iPad 3 with the launch of iPad 4 and the latter is being regarded as the perfect replacement for earlier models. However, refurbished and renovated models of iPad 3 are still available for purchase in the market. Interestingly, Apple Inc. has not yet stopped the production of iPad […]

A Snapshot of the New iPad – the 4th Generation

The 4th generation of iPads is here, and Apple Inc says that this model beats all of its predecessors in terms of endurance, performance, and reliability. So let’s check out what’s actually in the bag for us here. The Hardware The new iPad 4 model gives the hereditary overall look and feel; the dimensions and […]

Looking for Wholesale Deal on iPad?

With the introduction of internet, the world has become a much smaller one allowing us to get in contact with anyone all across the world, just with the click of a button. With tablets coming out we no longer need a computer or web camera to contact our friends or family through the internet anymore! […]