iOS 11 Brings 4K HDR Movies to iPad Pro

Apple recently started to roll out 4K HDR movies on iTunes for their users. This announcement came a few days before the launch of their new 4K-capable Apple TV. The good thing is that iPad Pro tablet users will not have to wait for the Apple’s set-top box because there is a way for them […]

How to Turn your Android Tablet into a Notification Center

With the Nova launcher, you will not miss any of the notifications on your device, as the app will let you convert the home screen of your refurbished tablet into a notification hub. Nova launcher.apk can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Once you download the app, launch Nova launcher and navigate to Settings > […]

How to Free Up Storage Space in an iPad

Using up of storage space is something that most iPad users complain about. This is particularly the case with those using models having only an inbuilt memory of 16 GB. Installing too much apps and using the device to store various kinds of files can cause the storage to get used up fast. However, many […]

How to Browse on Incognito Mode in a Web Browser across Tablets

When you open any browser, you will need to know how to surf on incognito mode in the web browser across tablets. When using Google Chrome, the Incognito Mode is secretly kept in Settings, although it is the best and safest way to surf the web without leaving a trace of what you search on […]

5 Things you Didn’t Know Apple Pencil Could Do

Apple surprised users as well as experts a few years ago when they introduced an Apple Pencil with their 12.9-inch iPad Pro. However, the device quickly went on to become a hit among users, as it enabled users to handle the device a lot more conveniently and helped them to take handwritten notes better than […]

Exploring the New Android 8.0 Oreo

The latest Android 8.0 update from Google will soon arrive to our tablets and smartphones. Many expert gadget reviewers and testers claim that Google is trying to improve security with the latest update and have added a few new features for the same purpose. If you are an average tablet user, you might be wondering […]

How Tablets Can be Beneficial for Hospitals

Apple is one of the strongest players in the tablet business. With the introduction of the iPad in 2010, Apple essentially made the tablet market boom. There has been a lot of enthusiasm in the medical world for iPads and most of the important medicinal and health apps are optimized for the user interface and […]