How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Smartphones?

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Nowadays, smartphones have become essential for communication. You can send and receive text messages. Sometimes, text messages become annoying; therefore, you have to block them. Blocking text messages on your Samsung Galaxy phone can be an easy process. You can use the internal settings of your mobile or use a third-party app. Method of blocking […]

How to Install USB Driver for Android?

USB Drivers for android tablets

You can check reviews and comparisons on different platforms. After buying android tablets, you have to evaluate their peripherals and drivers. If USB ports are not working, you can try to install android USB drivers.  Numerous people may not need android USB bridges, but you can use it to transfer files. It will help you […]

How to Fix a Phone that Won’t Charge?

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Numerous people face this problem with their smart devices. Remember, it can be frustrating to plug a charger, and nothing happened. You have to diagnose the possible issues in your smartphone or tablets.  There are some common problems with your device. You can solve charging issues with these tricks. Download Ampere It is a suitable […]