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How to Fix a Phone that Won’t Charge?

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Numerous people face this problem with their smart devices. Remember, it can be frustrating to plug a charger, and nothing happened. You have to diagnose the possible issues in your smartphone or tablets. 

There are some common problems with your device. You can solve charging issues with these tricks.

Download Ampere

It is a suitable tool to check the charging status of your phone. This tool can identify current drawn by your device when it was plugged into a power source. With this app, you can check if your phone is charging.

If you can see a green number, your phone is charging. In case of an orange number, your phone is using power. With the use of this app, you can solve this issue in your top 10 tabletsYou can follow these steps and notice possible changes.

Change a Power Source

Remember, a problem can be with your power source instead of your charger or phone. For this reason, you have to change the power source for your phone. If you are using a wall socket to charge your phone, try to use a different socket. Feel free to charge your device from a computer. 

You can use a USB port on the computer, switch to a new port or use a wall adapter. If your smartphone starts charging with a different power source, your problem is solved. Feel free to hire an electrician to fix problems with your wall sockets.

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Check Your Charging Cable

Before restarting your deviceyou have to check two essential components: charging cable and wall adapter. Try to fix your USB sockets before charging your phone or tablet. Sometimes, you have to change your charging cable and wall adapter. It will help you to fix a charging issue. 

Charging cables may bear rewrapping, unwrapping and flexing. People often wrap them in a weird angle. These things can easily damage your charging cable. In numerous cases, you may have some charging cables around. Try to switch out your cable to see if it works. 

Evaluate a Wall Adapter

Before messing with your smartphone, you have to check the wall adapter of your phone. If you are using an adapter, this step will be helpful. Remember, USB port on an adapter can be broken. Try to change cable of your adapter.

Charge your smartphone or tablet with a new adapter to check if there is a problem with your wall adapter. In the absence of the second adapter, try to plug into your PC. If a person has a similar cable and phone, try to charge your phone with this new adapter. 

It will help you find out if your adapter is at fault. Feel free to try different electrical outlets.

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