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Full Specifications of Amazon Fire 7

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Many of us look for an inexpensive little tablet, which offers high performance and a much better battery life. But it is important to review the specifications and the performance offered by a tablet carefully before buying it.

We have selected Amazon Fire from the list of exceptional tablets, which costs you less than a hundred bucks. Let us take a quick look on the specifications of Amazon Fire 7 to know more about this budget friendly device.


The design of Amazon Fire 7 is pretty much similar to its predecessors. The dimensions of this tablet are 191 x 115 x 10.6 mm, which is perfectly manageable. The device is a bit heavier though, and weighs approximately 11 ounces; yet it easily fits in the palms of our hand. Another significant point to consider is that Amazon has rounded off the right spots with plastic shells to remove the sharp edges pointing into your fingers, which was a major problem in the predecessor models.


It is evident that Amazon Fire 7 does not have the specifications to qualify itself into the “HD” epithet. However, the 7-inch screen with 1024 x 600 resolution offered by the device is impressive and is almost similar to 720p High Definition standard. The viewing experience offered by this device is also praiseworthy and you will have a great experience while using the device to read books, emails, or while browsing the internet.


The camera features of Amazon Fire 7 are one of its major disadvantages. The 2-Mexapixel primary camera of this model is not that great, but it can be considered okay due to its low price. Moreover, the VGA front camera present in the tablet allows you to video chat with your friends and family.

Storage and Performance

Amazon Fire 7 uses a 1.3 GHz quad core processor and has a 1 GB RAM. The device offers a satisfying performance to the users, even though some games and apps might not run smoothly on it. The internal memory offered by Amazon Fire 7 is 8 GB. However, you could expand the external up to 250 GB by using external micro SD memory cards.

Overall, if you were looking for a budget friendly tablet to browse internet, read eBooks, and for other simple uses, then Amazon Fire 7 is the best choice for you. Nevertheless, you will have to rethink your options and consider other devices, if you were looking for a device that offered an exceptional performance while playing games and watching videos.

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