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Best Tablets to Gift your Kid for Halloween

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Halloween is just round the corner and you might be searching for gifts for your younger ones. As we live in a technologically advanced world today, tablets would be the most remarkable thing you could gift them. Here are some of the best and cheap tablets that you can buy for your kids this Halloween.

Amazon Kindle Fire 7

This is a new entry to the kid’s tablets list. This 7-inch Android tablet is undoubtedly the best kid’s tablet available at a price under fifty dollars. This small tablet is pretty amazing, if all you need is a little reading and gaming companion for your kid.

Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini are great for kids and you can find good offerings on the original iPad Mini. Another option is to purchase used iPads from wholesale tablet sellers. There are many online stores that offer tablets at wholesale prices, and you can buy iPad Mini or iPad 2 wholesale at much cheaper price from such sites.

Google Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is officially discontinued, but the device can be a very good gift for kids. As they are discontinued, you can buy only used or refurbished Google Nexus 7 from online wholesale tablet sellers. These tablets are not designed for children though, so you will need to use a solid case to protect the tablet before gifting it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

This is a dedicated child-edition tablet, which looks just like the standard Galaxy Tab 3, but is dressed up for kids. The tab is a solid 8-inch Android powered device, capable of keeping up many of the latest games and apps. If your kid does not find the dedicated child friendly tablet appealing, you can go for the Galaxy Tab 4 and then put a bumper case on it.

Windows Tablets

We all know that the tablet and laptop industries are ever evolving, and the lines between the two are becoming more and more blurred. This has led to the release of hybrid 2-in-1 devices like the Surface tablets from Microsoft. Available under a hundred dollars, Microsoft Surface tablets can be a good gift for kids this Halloween.

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