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iPad vs. iPad Mini – Which is best for you?

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Apple offers an exclusive range of tablets with amazing features and designs. In the list of wholesale tablets for sale, you can consider Apple iPad Mini and the original iPad. The original iPad is cheaper than other models. Remember, the Mini is expensive because it has a faster processor in A12. The iPad Mini and iPad share numerous features. Here is a quick comparison for your convenience.

iPad vs. iPad Mini

If you are choosing between these two devices, you should consider these quick highlights before spending money:

  • iPad Mini is powerful compared to iPad
  • iPad Mini comes with a fantastic camera
  • iPad device is cheaper
  • iPad features a 9.7-inch display
  • iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch display
  • Both can use Apple pencil

You can find numerous similarities in Apple’s wholesale tablets for sale. Remember, the iPad Mini can win this game with a powerful processor. The A12 processor makes the iPad Mini more expensive than other iPads.

Overview of iPad Mini

The iPad Mini needs Apple’s attention to updates. It is running on old specs and updates. For Mini users, Apple has an A12 processor that is incredibly powerful. It is compatible to use with Apple Pen. Moreover, you will get between 2GB and 3GB of RAM. If you need a powerful tablet, it can be an attractive choice.

The latest iPad Mini offers 7.9 inches screen size and 256GB storage options. When compared to iPhone, it is not a pocket sized design. If you need a laptop to watch movies, play games and read books, you can buy the iPad Mini.wholesale tablets for sale

Apple iPad 

Apple iPad is the less powerful device when compared to the iPad Mini. However, it is an integral part of the list of wholesale tablets for sale. Apple iPad features an A10 processor. This tablet is not for a designer because it won’t meet their high-end demands. An Apple Pencil makes drawing easy for you. Apple iPad is famous for its excellent battery life.

If you need something better, feel free to invest in Apple iPad Air. It features incredible power behind its smart keyboard and laminated screen. Performance of iPad Air can be better than the traditional model. You will get the cheapest smart keyboard, laminated screen, and lightning to USB-C for fast charging.

Common Features

You can buy any Apple device as per your budget because Apple offers wholesale tablets for sale. These iPads share some standard features, such as over 1 million apps, a high-quality unibody design, and a crisp display. The latest tablets come with iOS 12, files app to organize projects and documents, and a dock to drag and drop files, photos, and texts.

Apple is ready to replace its operating system with iPad OS 13. Th latest models come with 4G LTE capability. Apple is targeting schools to help educators in the classroom. These are designed to host different education apps.

If you need an iPad with a generous screen and low price, the iPad can be a great choice. Numerous best wholesale tablets for sale are suitable for social media, gaming, and light productivity. Many parents like the size of these tablets for their children

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