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Microsoft Surface vs. Android Tablets – What Should I choose?

who buys android tablets

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We use tablets for a variety of reasons. We watch movies, send e-mails, check out social media, and so much more. The options are limitless. You don’t really need to ask who buys android tablets. Tablets have turned out to be closely associated with laptops for their incredible functions that are up-graded after each addition. With the beginning of the removable keypad, the outlines between laptop computers and tablets have begun to blur. Even though that is the situation, laptops can never ever be outdone. You can only have a great tablet. Now you have to decide which great tablet to choose.


Feasibility: One of the very best features of Android tablets has to be its affordability. They are lighter in weight on your wallet with amazing high quality. Android Tablets are time-analyzed and long-lasting.

Incorporation with Google: Smooth incorporation with Google helps Android customers considerably on internet classes. Content material improvement, implementation, accessibility, marketing, advertising, and product sales are simple with Android and Google to perform shop.

Totally free Marketplace: Android tablets allow you to purchase and market anything at all: items, solutions, or products.who buys android tablets


For a really long time, Windows have been monarchs of and have determined work environments. There are several explanations of why a Windows Tablet has a much better hand than an Android Tablet.

Selection: Who buys android tablets? There is no lack to dimensions, designs, and types of Windows tablets when compared to Android and Apple tablets. Windows are still the most popular devices on the earth. Managers, IT specialists, and business workers choose Windows devices. Devices range from a 7-inch screen to 15.6 inch screen. You seldom see Android tablets over 10-inch inches.

In the Workplace: Windows easily incorporates and allows additional screens, keyboards, a mouse, and hard disk drives. Windows Tablets are very good when it comes to using docking stations. These tablets could be used as standalone computer systems.

iPad has absolutely no docking station services and can never be used as a company program. Even though several Android devices have USB plug-ins and HDMI plug-ins, they are not typically regarded as practical.

Why not a Windows tablet?

Who buys android tablets? Since we have filled our minds with all the benefits of Windows tablets, let’s also look into and factor the downside of the Windows tablet:

While there are a lot of reasons to select a Windows 10 tablet, there are many reasons why you should not. Let us check out the negatives of utilizing a House windows tablet, so you know what you are getting should you change from and Android tablet.

Windows tablets are more expensive: Those tablets that are inexpensive are not up to par with the expensive variations of Windows tablets. In comparison to an Android tablet, Windows tablets are far more expensive for exactly the same type of functions and features.

Safety and Protection:

Just like your desktop or laptop, a Windows tablet would need you to get anti-virus software to keep all your information and work safe. A Windows tablet is a small version of a laptop and offers all the functions of a full-fledged PC. Therefore, appropriate protection software needs to be installed to safeguard the device from infections of malicious software.

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