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Android phone or Tablet

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The quality and functioning of android gadgets are really satisfying for users. The prices of android gadgets also impress the audience as they are quite affordable than Apple gadgets. These for does not cause a burden to the pocket’s budget.

The attack of virus or malware is common when you mishandle or shoe carelessness towards the safety of the device. That’s why it is always suggested to install the antivirus apps before the time of mishap to prevent the harm caused by the viruses.  

Bitdefender antivirus free app:

This is one of the top antivirus apps with a trustworthy brand name on it. It is a lightweight app, so does not cause a burden on the android device and causes very little impact on the operating system. It is really easy to set up this app on your device. After installing, you need to schedule the virus scans to make it work.

The best part is that it is free to install. It does not drain your device’s battery as the other apps do.


AVG app:

It is another most widely used security app for android devices. It is very popular due to its different features. It has really a strong detection power of the malware and viruses that can interrupt the tablets and damaging the data.  The main feature of this app is the anti-virus activity.

The AVG app also includes internet security, app lock for apps security, photos protector. The other features include the battery saver, boost up. Throw out the junk files. These activities are just one click away. It has made it quite easier to clean your android device in a few seconds.

Sometimes the cache files or unnecessary files are present in your device and start piling up. These drain the battery and lower the available space of the device. So this amazing app helps to find these out and delete these.

McAfee security and power booster:

This wonderful app that is made to remove the virus and save the device from a virus attack is free to install and use for the users. It makes it a commonly used antivirus app. It has a large number of features with respect to anti-theft. It prevents the data leakage of android devices.

One of the great features of this app is preventing you from harmful consequences are that it tells you about any app that is leaking your information or data.ANDROID PHONE OR TABLET

Kaspersky mobile antivirus:

It is an amazing app in detecting the malware and blocking malicious sites immediately to prevent harmful situations.  It has the ability to detect 99.9% of the malware.

Sophos free antivirus and security:

This app provides solid protection for detecting malware. It is a free app that scans the gadget for the detection of viruses and malware. It helps to scan the files for detecting the threats and remove them by itself.

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