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In the recent era of inflation, everyone needs a gadget or device but at the most economical price so that it does not burden the pocket. That’s why sales on different occasions happen on the online stores that offer cheap android tablets under 100 dollars. 

USB is one of the accessories that are required quite often while working on a laptop or computer. But if you need to transfer the data or large files physically from cell phones to their gadgets, you cannot use USB on your cell phone. Then which object can help you in transferring the data? The USB OTG is designed specifically to assist this feature.

What is a USB OTG?

USB OTG means USB on the go. It is like a small process that helps to access and read the data without using a computer. The device, here, acts as a USB host. The device will become a USB host with the help of OTG cable that is also referred to as the OTG connector. 

The other uses of the USB OTG include the connection of the video game controller with a device. You are also able to attach the data of USB flash with your android cell phone that cannot be done otherwise. This feature of connection is not just specific for android cell phones. PHONE OR TABLET

Does your cell phone is compatible with USB OTG?

If you want to check the compatibility of your cell phone with the USB OTG, then you can easily figure out. Just go through its website or read it on the box in which it comes. It is mentioned on both of these in the corner of specifications. The small logo is also made to show this. 

There is also another way to access its availability. There are some apps that help in detecting the possibility of USB OTG on the device. These apps are mostly free in nature. 

Following are the main purposes of the USB OTG:

  • Assist in connecting cell phone with another gadget:

Normally, you can’t connect the USB or flash drive on your cell phone. To connect these, you need a connector that USB OTG. You can transfer the large data from one device to another with ease. It also helps in making the external storage capacity.

  • Act as a video controller connector:

The USB helps in connecting the video games controller to tablets conveniently. The video games are compatible with the controller, so controllers are required to attach with the device necessarily. 

  • Other uses:

The keyboard and the mouse can be connected with this. The printer can be connected with the device. The DSLR cameras can also get a connection with its connectors.

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