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5 Best Compass App for Android Users

Android Devices

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Do you want to utilize compass applications on your deviceYou will need compass apps that use accelerometer of your device to detect directions. They need magnetic cases and calibration to deal with directions. These apps can do the best jobs during outdoor activities. See the 5 best compass apps for wholesale computer tablets.

1. Compass Pro 360

With this functional and simple app, compass 360 can be a great choice. It offers both cardinal and decimal bearings for quick and accurate directions. Feel free to find both true north and magnetic north with this app. You will get the support of multiple languages.

Feel free to use it without any internet connection. It will help you to calibrate smoothly. Your device generally has a magnetic sensor that works adequately. Make sure to check the spec sheets of your device before using it. You will not face any issue with this app.

Android Devices

2. Fulmine Software Compass

This app is free for android users. It can work well without any internet connection and GPS signals. Some exciting features are true and magnetic north, backing for mills, grads and degrees. 

You can navigate a map with coordinates to avoid GPS signals. Some users complain about its jittery behavior in the presence of compass graphics. This complaint is rare because only a few people experienced it. Everything, including navigation, theme and UI is simple.

3. PixelProse SARL Compass

This app is available with GPS for accurate readings. Its amazing features include attitude readings, on-SD support, Qibla, sunset and sunrise times. 

This compass is sensitive to magnetic cases, and calibration can be weaker. For the best results, you will need GPS. It is an ideal free option for android users.

4. Altimeter Pro GPS

Altimeter GPS features time traveled, direction, and distance and speed information. This app is available for android and iOS users. In a primary navigation mode, you will be able to get its maximum features. 

Several maps are available to use along with a compass. Feel free to choose aerial photography, topo maps, and hybrid maps for assistance. It may show your altitude and estimated GPS accuracy. You will get data on direction, location, speed and distanceThe app is absolutely free.

5. Digital Field Compass

If you don’t need fluffy features of a compass app, you can download the digital field compass. It is a simple and powerful app for everyone. For easy navigations, you can trust this app. This compass is free from junk and can be an ideal choice for everyone.

To preserve your battery life, you can download this app. It is free of fancy backgrounds and maps. Feel free to use its nighttime mode to protect your vision from harmful light. This app needs manual settings. You can set it for roll and pitch as per your needs. Use this app for orientating.

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