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6 Best Voicemail Apps for Android

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Voicemails may seem old, but these have an essential place in the current era. You can download voicemail apps and other apps on your device. With the use of voicemails, it is possible to make and receive messages. There is no need to worry about missed calls. 

With this system, you can store voicemails on a secure server and listen to them as per your convenience. It works similar to emails but sends text messages and stores voice mails. These mails are useful for busy people. Here are six best voicemail apps for cheap tablets wholesale.

1. HulloMail

With this no-frills, simple voicemail app, you can make voice calls. It comes with several features, such as emailing and transcribing messages. You can get reliable performance from its free version.

On its main page, you can see ten recent messages along with time, date and contact names. It is easy to find missed calls in this section.

Voicemail Apps for Android

2. InstaVoice

With this visual voicemail application, you can get the advantage of missed call alerts, free voice SMS and voicemail. It will help you to manage your voicemails without any trouble.

InstaVoice makes it easy to check recent callers even with a switched off the phone. You can get unlimited storage for voicemails. Its storage decreases the need for deleting old messages.

3. Google Voice

With an android phone, you can take advantage of the ecosystem of Google. It allows you to use Google Voice. Google Voice can be an ideal choice. You can simultaneously ring all connected phones.

Feel free to use your current number with Google Voice. Unlike several other apps, you can get the advantage of call forwarding. With its easy interface, you can backup voicemails and block spam numbers.

4. Voxist

Do you need something special to handle calls? Voxist can be an ideal choice to answer your phones. It can increase your efficiency without any trouble. In the absence of your new phone, you can transcribe messages and check voicemails through email. There is no need to worry about sharing and accessing voicemails.

5. YouMail

YouMail is around for more than ten years. It is excellent for visual voicemails. You can store almost 100 voicemails and keep them separate by contact and date. Feel free to access these stored voicemails through your computer.

It comes with numerous extra features, such as block spam callers. You can block calls and disconnect a number as per your needs. Feel free to handle conference calls and other activities.

6. Visual Voicemail Plus

People find it odd because of its old-school interface. Remember, this app receives updates and works excellent. The developers of this app are not interested in updating its design. It is possible to send faxes to phone numbers and view them in the app.

Numerous customization options make this app a reliable choice. Feel free to add multiple accounts and manage notification settings and data in the device.

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