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Incredible Android Hacks That You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

Tablets and Smartphones

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These smartphones and tablets are available at an affordable price. Remember, numerous unique hacks are available to increase your productivity. See these incredible hacks that you have probably never heard before.

Open Door of Garage

You can connect your latest smartphones and tablets with smart devices in your house. It is possible to open the door of your garage with the help of your phone. You may not get a built-in operating system. Some tweaks are necessary to do this job.

A few apps may help you to open the door of your garage. You can avoid annoying garage openers. An exclusive app may help you to open the door of your garage.

Android for iPhone

Do you want to use iOS and android operating system at the same time? You can do this easily to play a joke with your friends. It is possible to upload an android operating system on your iOS device. Feel free to install android apps restricted by Apple. You will need special software for this purpose.

Tablets and Smartphones

Change Appearance of Android User-interface

It is a common task to perform on your refurbished tablets wholesale. Feel free to change themes and wallpapers of your android smartphone and tablet. Several inspiring options are available for android users. In the play store of Google, you can access several themes and wallpapers. 

Play Retro Games on Android Phones

Feel free to root any android smartphone to play retro games. It is possible to pull your favorite old games on your smartphone after rooting it. Android is an open-source system to play games. With Ataroid and Gameboid apps, you can play classic games on smartphones of android. 

Tablets and Smartphones

Ad Blocker and Free Apps

Nobody likes ads on his/her smartphone and tablet. These apps can increase your frustration. Marketers find them lucrative to earn money. If you want to avoid annoying apps, feel free to download ad blockers. It can block numerous ads in your android devices.

Moreover, you can download numerous free apps on your smartphone and android tablet. These apps are affordable for everyone. With the use of these apps, it is possible to avoid productivity issues. 

Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot is common among iPhone users. Android phones also have these capabilities. You can use it with different mobile carriers. For this purpose, you can find a wireless tether app on your phone. If you want to use a mobile hotspot, keep an eye on your data plan.

Comfortable Slide Keyboard

People don’t like keyboards of smartphones. It is not easy to type on this keyboard. For this reason, you can use a sliding keyboard. This keyboard can make typing easy for you. Many virtual keyboards are available in the play store or app store.

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