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5 Best Reading Apps for your Tablet

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Parents are now buying android tablets sale cheap for their children to read books. Many eBook reader applications are available to replace traditional printed books. It is an easy way to read books on your tablet. Several apps come with free books so you can read them immediately. There is no need to visit a physical store to purchase books. Here are some good apps for your tablet.

android tabletsAmazon Kindle

Kindle comes with a vast selection of newspapers, magazines, and books. It is a great eBook reader app for tablets and smartphones. There is no need to buy a Kindle device to read books through this app. It is available on iOS and Android devices. 

Amazon powers Kindle so that you can sync your bookmarks, notes, highlights, and last read pages. It includes an integrated dictionary to find new words easily. With a Kindle app, you can access Wikipedia and Google search. Amazon Kindle can enhance your reading pleasure.

Aldiko Reader

After buying android tablets sale cheap, you have to install this reader on your device. With this eBook reader application, you can read different books in ePub and PDF formats. It will not take up memory because it can’t save books automatically. 

If you want to save a reading session, it is essential to import your books. It is an excellent way to put your books on a virtual shelf. Aldiko offers numerous options to adjust font face, background settings, and font size. It is an excellent app to enhance your reading experience with extensive features.

Cool Reader

With this app, you can take advantage of text formatting, customizable palette, and smooth scrolling. Reading becomes a pleasurable activity with this app. The cool reader is an excellent e-reader application for text-to-speech features. You can take advantage of night and day toggles available in two sets of background backlight levels and colors for easy reading.

This app allows you to track your percentage read, use chapter marks, and page count all on the screen. You can take advantage of different file formats, such as txt, rtf, html, fb2, and ePub. Once you purchase cheap android tablets, install this app on your tablet.


FBReader is a customizable reader for different types of devices. You can install this device on Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Android, etc. Feel free to select animations, font size, font face, bookmarks, and colors for a customized reading experience. 

It supports direct reading and numerous eBook formats from zip archives. You can get the perk of reading in 29 languages. It comes with 8 online catalogs to offer access to a set of eBooks. Feel free to get the benefit of famous dictionaries, such as ColorDict, and SlovoEd.

Moon+ Reader

For Android tablets sale cheap, you will need this reading app. It can increase your reading pleasure by offering control over the display. The apps come with a status bar to display your actual reading progress. Moreover, you can get information on current chapters. Its basic version is free, but you have to buy its premium version for extra features.


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