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Top 5 Apps for an Architect’s tablet

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Tablets are becoming essential and useful tools for people to organize their daily activities. Architects need top cheap android tablets because they can install special architecture apps. These apps are necessary for designing any planning tasks. Be sure to buy a tablet with sufficient storage. Here are the five best apps you should have in your tablet being an architect.

BIMx of Graphisoft (Android antop cheap android tabletsd iOS)

If you are using ArchiCAD program, it can be an ideal app for you. It allows you to share and present designs with contractors and clients. The app may assimilate 2D and 3D for different BIM models. 

You can check floor plans to understand the designs in one of the top cheap android tablets. It is an excellent way to share models in real time. Clients may get access to different models on their devices. This application can help you in the construction process.

AutoCAD App

AutoCAD tablet is a drafting and drawing app. It allows you to create, view, share, and edit AutoCAD drawings on top cheap android tablets. With this app, it will be easy for you to share your plans in DWG format on different platforms.

With AutoCAD, you can access drawings from tablets in an outdoor location. Feel free to get support for multiple layers. You can provide contextual information and other details in a better way. Feel free to mark-up, edit, measure, and draft plans at your job site with this app. It is a suitable app to update your drawings.

Autodesk FormIt

Do you want to create models on your tablets or phones? Feel free to install Autodesk FormIt on top cheap android tablets. It helps you to create conceptual models quickly. Moreover, edit and create BIM models on tablets. 

This app is updated with real-world information. With Shadow Study tool, you can explore different locations. Feel free to import images of various sites from a satellite. If you are not happy with the quality of the model in tablet, feel free to export them on your computer. It works just as well on both Android and iOS devices.

cheapest tabletsMorpholio Trace Pro

It is ideal for drawing, revision, and drafting with layers. Feel free to use it on an iOS platform instead of the top cheap android tablets. The basic version is free, but the premium app is available with an annual subscription. Used with an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and iPad, it allows users to import images, templates, and backgrounds.

Feel free to take advantage of 3D models. You can use this app for quick sketching. The app uses VR and AR for innovative sketching experience. With this app, you can create designs with layers, stencils, styles, templates, and colors. It is useful to make-up drawings, plans, photos, contact sheets, and 3D models. 


It is a useful and exciting app. MagicPlan uses the camera of top cheap android tablets to draw floor plans of actual space. To use this app, stand in one particular spot or place with your device. This app will work automatically to create floor plans. Feel free to export plans as JPG, DXF or PDF. 


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