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5 Best USB-C Game Controllers for Android

android and iOS

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With these tablets, you can connect your game controllers. These game controllers will help you to play your favorite games. 

Several game controllers are available for android users to play games. These are enough to connect with an operating system of android tablets. A smartphone or tablet with a game controller will help you to enhance your gaming experience. See 5 best USB-C game controllers for android.

1. DELAM Controller

For your smartphone, you can use this controller. It is an affordable choice with numerous unique features. Starters can use an integrated power bank 4000mAh. With the help of a cooling fan, you can improve the operating condition of your device.

Combine an ergo 4-finger grip with some trigger buttons. It will help you to take your performance to another level. 

android and iOS

2. Rotor Riot Mobile Gaming USB-C and Drone Controller

Use a USB-C port to connect this game and drone controller. It is compatible with over 400 apps on the Play Store of Google. There is no need to worry about any delay or lag. You can use it without recharging because batteries are not available.

With this gamepad controller, you can use L3 and R3 functions. These functions can make mobile gaming easy. This gaming controller is exceptionally durable. You can use arrowheads instead of embossed or engraved buttons. It will prevent the possibility of wiping out in the long run. 

3. AKNES Kingkong Pro USB-C NS09 Gamepad

Remember, this game controller is compatible with numerous devices, such as laptops, personal computers, Nintendo Switch and Android. Make sure to buy a device with USB-C.

You can get the advantage of advanced design with an ARM 32-bit dual CPU for inactivity avoidance. With an enormous grip, you can use it with your big hands. This gaming controller is available with a steel ring for maximum durability.

4. 1andOne Pro2 N30 USB-C with Rumble Joystick

If you need a girly game controller, feel free to invest in this unit. This controller is compatible with NES and SNEX classic, Steam Windows, Nintendo Switch and Android. Feel free to connect it with your tablet in two ways, such as wireless technology and a USB-C cable. 

Android Users

5. SF30 8Bitdo USB-C Pro Controller with Rumble Vibration

If you want to play a game on your all android devices, you can choose SF30 8Bitdo game controller. This device offers double connection support and playtime of 18 hours. You can charge this controller within two hours. 

Feel free to connect it with your mobile devices if it is out of power. Take advantage of its lithium-ion built-in battery for maximum performance.

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