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5 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Android

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Remote access to desktops is a power-user feature. For android devices, this task becomes perfectly doable. Numerous remote desktop apps are available for android devices. 

These apps are suitable for teamwork, video streaming, music and games. With these apps, you can get the advantage of the best security features. Here are five best remote desktop apps for android.

1. TeamViewer for Better Control

TeamViewer is a famous android app to control the desktop remotely. It allows you to access phone devices, tablets and computer from an android device. Your current device can be a tablet or a smartphone. 

This app will help you to manage a large team for a computer-based workplace. You can get consistent support and administrative options for a personal computer. Feel free to control your devices, such as computers, tablets and phones.

2. AnyDesk

With this free app, you can connect your smartphone to a computer. In this way, you can use your PC from a phone. A simple user interface makes it an attractive choice for personal and official use.

A free version is available for domestic users. For commercial uses, you can buy its paid version. It is a fast, lightweight and secure app for everyone.

Best Remote Desktop

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

With this remote desktop app, you can manage numerous administrative tasks. Use this virtual app to control your computer from a particular distance. You can easily manage your productive and busy life with this app.

Feel free to configure your personal computer and other devices. Get maximum access to computer devices with the famous operating system of Windows. You can get the advantage of audio and video streaming.

4. Chrome Remote Desktop

This widely used android app allows you to access a PC from a distance. It permits you to access your computer and desktop devices from different places. After setting up this app properly, you can manage the case protocol.

You can get the advantage of safe and secure access to a personal computer from android smartphones. It features customizable control on a desktop computer. Quickly share files with an internet connection. 

5. AirDroid Remote Access

AirDroid is a multi-screen and file-sharing app. It can be an ideal alternative of TeamViewer for android devices. With this app, you can access numerous devices at the same time from a particular distance. It offers support for famous operating systems.

With AirDroid app, it is possible to share files on multiple devices. Use your android devices to manage a desktop. It allows you to receive and make calls on your computer and share notifications for connected devices. This app offers secured synchronization and backup for your desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

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